Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sore Loser

Was it
something she said
something she did
that got her in this position?


AL said...


My guess is she sank the 8 ball out of turn or early. Then said something that got her a bit red and most likely sore too.
Al :)

Vlad said...

I think it was worse than that. My guess is she tried a trick shot that damaged the baize on the table after being told not to. I wouldn't risk staining or tearing the cloth by punishing a nude girl on the table unless I already knew it was going to be redone. I'm sure some inappropriate language and attitude was also involved.

Paul said...

Ash, did she tear the felt or hit her opponent with her cue, or was it the penalty for losing!
Love and warm hugs,

sixofthebest said...

If you are always behing the '8' ball, it is usually something you did. So she sure is a 'loser', and deserves '6' of the best, with a cane on her naked rear end. Would'nt you agree?