Saturday, August 6, 2011

Waiting In The Car

What did poor Cynthia do to end up like this?


AL said...

good image

That question does have a lot of possible answers LOL. It is also possible Cynthia did a few things to end up sitting uncomfortably.
AL :)

Paul said...

Ash, having overslept, she rushed out, sans breakfast or dressing. ;)
When her man sees her, she'll wish for tinted windows and an ice pack to sit on. LOL!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a great comment balloon. Maybe it's what she didn't do, as in packing up the campsite when she was told to. Her parents thought that if she wasn't going to help, then they sure weren't going to let her just play around having fun while everyone else worked their ass off scrubbing pots and packing tents...

You're welcome!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Abel1234 said...

Great image and captions; I shall doubtless find myself pondering not only what she'd done, but what had happened to her - and what was *going* to happen to her ;-)

Ashley J said...

Al, It made me laugh even without the caption, although maybe the caption was always there in my head.

Paul, I love it.

Karl, It's a definitive possibility. I imagined she was sitting in the car next to a park or campsite myself.

Abel, All very good questions and sure to have interesting answers.