Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silently Saying

I bet you think I’m sorry. Well, I’m not. I’m laughing at your serious pose and self-righteous stance. Not that you can tell, because I’m only laughing on the inside. You’re distracted by my ruined mascara and the glow of my sorely spanked buttocks. I bet you don’t see the smile on my lips. It’s not because it didn’t hurt. It’s just because you amuse me with your self-congratulatory tone and pointless lecturing.
You think because I cried that you’ve won. That’s not the case, it’s just an illusion I want you to believe. You were right and I was wrong, isn’t that the way it goes in your head? Well, I wasn’t wrong, or if I was, I don’t care. Next time, and yes, there will be a next time, I’ll just have to do a better job of not getting caught. So, enjoy your short-lived victory and I’ll just take a nap. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll be smarter and sneakier. Mark my words cause you won’t be marking my bottom again. At least not too soon, cause I’m not that dumb.


AL said...

Nice little description of the photo.
A picture can say a thousand words. like your thoughts on the photo.
Good title too
Al :)

Paul said...

Ash, I reckon that young lady is sorely mistaken!
Love and warm hugs,