Monday, October 11, 2010

Corner Time

In theory, corner time is a relatively simply method of discipline. The recipient is made to stand facing the inside joining of two walls for a period of time set by the disciplinarian. During this time, the recipient is left with nothing else to occupy their time than the emptiness of the walls they are facing and as a result they are likely to withdraw into their thoughts. If the recipient uses that time wisely and effectively, they will focus their thoughts on the events leading up to their time in the corner and determine how they could have behaved differently in order to avoid punishment.
Unfortunately, if recipients were using their time wisely and effectively, they would probably not be in the corner in the first place. For this reason corner time is rather varied in its application.
As strange as it may seem, corner time does not always need to be done in a corner. Standing, facing a wall is a quite common alteration, but in some cases the recipient might even be required to stay in a spot not near to any walls whatsoever. The act of standing might even be replaced with kneeling, sitting, bending over, or almost any position that can be imagined and maintained for a length of time. Additional variations may include a required placement of the hands; possibly on the head, behind the back, pressed against the wall, extended overhead, or straight down at the sides.
The purpose of all these variations is to make the experience unpleasant and focused. Holding a position for an extended length of time, be it five minutes or an hour, has a way of forcing a person to think about something other than their position. Of course, what they think about is very much up to them. Some will daydream about nicer days and places while others will contemplate their situation and how it came about. The former will do little to improve the situation or avoid it in the future whereas the latter goes a long way toward encouraging an individual to reconsider their actions in the future and avoid the predicament of corner time.
Naturally, every person reacts differently, but as with all punishments, consistency in application will have the best results even if the recipient is at first resistant to a logical contemplation of their actions. Over time, it will become increasingly harder for them to avoid connecting the dots and once the connection occurs a change in behavior is nearly inevitable, unless the recipient enjoys their corner time.
While corner time can be used independently as a disciplinary tool, it is often used as an accompaniment with spanking. Most commonly, it is used after a spanking giving the recipient time to collect themselves and process the swirl of emotions surrounding the disciplinary experience. In these situation it is not unusual for further modifications of the corner time such as displaying the recipient’s bare bottom or even requiring them to be in further states of undress, up to and including fully nude. Additionally, it is quite common to forbid their hands from being anywhere near their bottom or shielding their exposure from any prying eyes that might be present.
Less commonly, but not unusual in any regard, corner time may be used as a precursor to spanking. In such cases, the recipient is sent to the location with full knowledge of the impending spanking and often with little knowledge as to how long their stay in the corner will be and therefore uncertain of the imminency of their spanking. The recipient’s state of dress may again be altered under these circumstances, usually to reflect the state of dress associated with the spanking.
Another variation sometimes employed in the pre-spanking scenario is requiring the recipient to fetch and display the implement that will be used for the spanking. While the after spanking corner time is a period of calming, the pre-spanking corner time is one of agitation, for it is nearly impossible to escape the apprehensive thoughts related to the impending spanking.
On occasion, corner time is also used as a break during multi-implement or lengthy spanking sessions. Once again the state of dress may be adjusted, although most commonly these corner time breaks are done in the same state of dress or undress as the spanking. The recipient may also be required to hold an implement, either the one just used or the one to be used next and it is quite common for the recipient to be left in a position similar or an identical one to that of their spanking. Anticipation definitely clouds the calming effects of this type of corner time, but in my personal experience I consider these breaks to be generally welcome provided they don’t last too long.
Corner time is therefore a much more complicated and varied punishment than it first appears. Its very name can be misleading as to its true nature, but in principle corner time is quite consistent. The recipient is given a place and the time to contemplate their misdeeds. Although what they contemplate is very much up to the individual, it would be difficult to never consider the course events leading up to the implementation of corner time when it is used purposefully and consistently. This introspective encouraged during corner time is precisely what makes corner time such a powerful and effective disciplinary tool.


AL said...


very good post was very elaborate and very good description. when first i thought of that did not know that there is so much that can go into it,but after reading it makes sense to me
I would also have to say corner time does have its place and can be a useful discipline tool.
Oh and just to put my 2 cents in I probably would not use a long extend time for corner time

opsimath said...

A very well-written and thoughtful examination of what I have always considered one of the basics of discipline, one that is far too often overlooked in many blogs and web-sites concerned with the problems and methods thereof.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

♠ace of spades said...

Very informative! Stories are great and all of course, but articles on subjects like these are really something special. Tackling them individually and going in depth is perfect for the blog format too.

Paul said...

Ash, an interesting post, on a subject I have spent some time thinking about.
Corner time was used quite extensively at the home I was in.
I really disliked pre-punishment corner time as usually I didn't really know what was coming.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

We always gave our older teenage girls corner time brfore being punished , but sitting on the bottom step of the stairs, in pyjamas! This was before we spanked them. After it was usual corner time for for 15 minutes. This was very effective and they always complained about it, more than the spanking! KL

François said...

The capacity to use different voices is the mark of great authors. You are one of them, Ashley. You can take your readers through a jungle thriller, untie the knots of a whodunnit plot, dialogue with the spirit of a grandmother, analyse the complex relationships within a family, where corporal punishments are unsparingly meted out, speak like a stern father, get inside the head of a man, who gets his kicks out of humiliating women, speak like a strict mother, get under the skin of a girl and make us feel the shame, pain, and her indomitable ego, at the very moment she is the most submissive (or coerced), and now, in this last post, you adopt the judgment-free, detached voice of the scientist writing on the latest assigned subject, corner time.


It is the gap between the neutral tone of the report and the highly emotional facts reported that makes this post so exciting. What else can I add, other than to beg you for more writing, more voices, more excitement.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. It's no wonder my spanker likes to use corner time before during and after spanking with my bare butt on display. The worst is the prespanking because the physical portion of the punishment is yet to begin and I get terible butterflies in my stomach wishing I behaved so that I woldnt get spanked. I got an appointment to get punished this weekend due to my poor behavior report I sent him and I am dreading it. Not looking forward to it and losing my dignity once again

Ashley J said...

Al, Glad you enjoyed the post, despite it not being a story.

Opsimath, Welcome. I agree, corner time is part of the basics. This post is the first in a series where I'm exploring different sides of discipline in an analytical tone. I hope you enjoy them.

Ace, Glad you liked it and yes, I'm proceeding with a whole series of such articles.

Paul, I have spent many hours staring at the joining of walls myself. It would not top my list of fun activities, but I do think of it as a useful punishment. As for the unknown things to come, well that was always a bit stomach wrenching for me as well, although I almost always knew to expect a spanking.

KL, Welcome. I sympathize with your daughters. Corner time is effective at any age.

François, Thank you. Story writing is my first love, but I have found writing these articles on discipline to be enjoyable as well. I'm pleased to see them so well received while I get my schedule back in order.

Anon, I don't think I've heard from you before so, welcome to the site. I hope your weekend does not go too badly for you, but it sounds like you know you've earned whatever comes. Best of luck.


Michael said...

Ashley, what a marvelous breakdown and analysis of corner time, a topic near and dear to my heart. You capture the psychology perfectly and it sounds like you speak from many hours of experience staring contemplatively at walls.

I use corner time with my fiancee Season but not too often as I don't want it to lose its power. I call it her "naughty spot" as I lead her into the corner with strict instructions not to move and to keep her hands clasped in front so her red ouchy bottom is on full display. I always stay in the room with her and depending on the seriousness of the matter will continue to scold her as she shifts and clenches in contriteness.

Afterwards I always take her by the hand leading her out of the corner, sit her gently on my lap as I cuddle her with forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Man I have one of the strictest disciplinarians ever. The moment I get to his house I am forced to tell him what my wrongdoings were again, then ordered to get up to the room, strip naked and have 10 minutes of bare butt pre-spanking corner time (very humiliating, and eally forces me to anticipate the pain as well as think about my sins). Clothing is no option for him. Then I get spanked by a strap. This guy hits really hard, I can rarely take 5 consecutive strokes, and I'm a guy myself.

I got an appointment tomorrow with him and have been dreading it all day. Kinda want to have an excuse to skip out

Anonymous said...

cornertime is a way to collect your thoughts of the bad behavior that you did. and i have been in the corner plenty of times usually following a spanking for my actions and many times on the bare bottom. i too had to do housework with my sore red bottom on display. i learned real fast to be a good submissive woman and i now know what boundrys to cross. although i do sometimes find myself in time out in the corner as a way of remembering what i have done wrong or to think about what i will do right the next time. jen

Anonymous said...

I love these stories. It reminds me of high school when I had a hot substitute teacher for one week. I cursed at her in class so she made me stay after class and I had to miss practice. As soon as I arrived it was only my hot teacher who I have seen walk the hall ways before and all of us fantasized about. Well as soon as I got to detention she told me to go stand in the corner and she we will be with me in a minute. I said u gotta be fucking kidding me? She said, no I'm not. She left for 5 minutes and walks in and calls me up to her desk and said kneel in front of me, I said, why? I might of mumbled a curse in there. She says, you have been immature and have cursed at me 3x in one day. Then she asked me if I have ever had my mouth washed out with soap? I said no way, she pulls out a big yellow bar of soap out of a coffee cup full of warm water. As I started to talk she pushed it in my mouth and rubbed it all around hard for about twenty minutes. She kept wetting it and scraping it against my teeth. I was getting yelled at the whole time, but I couldn't help but getting aroused as she did this to me and I had her sexy tan pantyhosed legs and feet in front of me.she wouldn't let me rinse or spit it out. My mouth started to burn after 5minutes. After she was done twisting the soap in my mouth she pushed it in my mouth all the way and wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head. Few times. My teeth were stuck inside the soap. She said turn around and the bitch taped my hands behind my back and made me stand in the corner for twenty minutes. After detention was up she called me over and took the tape off and pushed the soap around for one more minute and took it out and undid my hands and said I don't wanna here about you cursing again and I went and caught the bus. I never admitted this to anyone because I was 15 yrs old. I have seen this teacher since and she smurks at me ,but the weird thing is that it was hot as hell, just tasted awful. I wish she would have made me smell her sexy pantyhosed feet.

Anonymous said...

I actually look forward to being put in the corner, because it means the end of my caning on my bare bum ! The only thing I do not care for is still being naked from my waist down- not even my panties are pulled back up-so displaying my well marked bottom and thighs, covered in sore red raised ridges! I am often still sobbing and not allowed to rub and soothe my bum! The embarrasssment also becomes more acute as there is often a couple of my mothers friend and my aunties there who can come acros an inspect my my bum and give me a slap ! Jean

Pete D said...

I spend a lot of time in the corner, always after a spanking and sometimes before a spanking and even sometimes in the middle of a spanking. I have to stand at attention with my nose pressed firmly into the corner, bottom on display (even before the spanking) and hands folded behind my back. I am not allowed to talk, rub or move. It is rather difficult but it teaches me to behave and to think about my actions and why my nose is in a corner. Humiliation is a powerful punishment, believe me I know.

Anonymous said...

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