Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Implement Hunting

Some places are just made for spanking. This small apartment layout is an excellent example and even before I decided to lay out a few extra implements, it was already full of possibilities. The layout belongs to a story environment for a small isolated and private university where plenty of authority figures will wield many of the implements found in the image above (for the purpose of correcting naughty schoolgirls, of course, because they would not do it for personal pleasure or enjoyment). Two girls would live in the apartment, treated in most respects as a dorm room, although I doubt they would keep such a convenient collection of implements so easily accessible to any visitors who might happen to stop for a visit or room inspection. I'm a little behind in finishing the first group of stories for this series, but I expect to have them ready for you in the somewhat near future.

In the meantime, why not have a little fun?

How many spanking or spanking related goodies do you see? Can you find the 20 disciplinary tools / implements (The truly devious may even find a few more) ready for use inside the apartment?

Leave a comment listing all the goodies you found and on Friday, I'll post up the answer key and congratulate those with the most interesting and complete lists.

HINT: You'll probably have an easier time finding things if you click on the image to open it up larger.

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Paul said...

Ash, I look forward to the stories.
My eyes are no longer good enough to pick out item in your picture.
Love and warm hugs,