Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 024

Scarlet Watts

23 girls stared at me. They sat straight-backed in their hard chairs. Their backs were turned to the computer workstations that lined the perimeter of the classroom. Ms. Chambers stood behind me against the wall, beside the door. I stood in the center of the room, exposed from all angles. My thoughts struggled to remain on topic.
“Keyboarding,” I said, feeling the intense scrutiny of a freckled redhead, Lindsay Owens, on my left staring at my sore buttocks, “or typing is one of the most fundamental skills in working with computers.”
A snort drew my attention to the right side of the class. I could not identify the source, but I suspected the brunette, Vicki Stephens. Her gaze seemed inappropriately focused on my naked breasts. Envious, no doubt. I glared my way through the moment, until I felt control of the room was back in my hands.
I said, “By the time you leave this class, you’ll know every key on the keyboard by memory and be able to type accurately without looking at a screen or watching your fingers. Some of you may even reach speeds of up to 90 words per minute.”
Control slipped again. Vicki’s brown eyes taunted me. Lindsay masked her amusement behind a facade of impassivity. I glanced toward the door and Ms. Chambers. She smiled. My situation pleased her. A streak of tension clenched my buttocks and reminded me of their tenderness. Ms. Chambers’ paddling, followed by Dean Rosecliff’s at dinner had ensured a restless night.
I turned back to my class. The blonde, Cheryl Foster, sitting in the middle of the workstations along the far wall, quickly erased a smile from her lips. Her blue eyes laughed at me. The temptation to paddle every girl in the room was almost overwhelming. Ms. Chambers would never allow it. They had said nothing, broken no rules. I closed my eyes, reaching inside for control.
The moment was teaching. Dean Rosecliff had hoped his demonstration would teach me the impact such punishments would have on the girls. It did indeed. Focusing on the tasks at hand was far more difficult than it should have been. The embarrassment, the shame, even the pain, kept returning and dominating my thoughts.
With my Uncle, punishments had always been the same. When it was over, I was always grateful. I learned my lessons and here I was learning that the intense methods still worked best. Less than three days into a five day punishment I was already intent on making certain the girls in my classes learned the same hard lessons I had learned. They would all be the better for it.
“Your first assignment,” I said, “is to take out your notebook and draw a picture of the keyboard on your desk,” The shuffle of girls digging for their notebooks and pencils filled the room. I smiled. “without looking at it.”
A few gasps came from around the room.
“Be as accurate as possible,” I said. Maybe Ms. Chambers would allow me to discipline the girls whose drawings were more than 30% inaccurate.


Vlad said...

I was wondering when this moment would come. Scarlet seems to be handling it well. I wonder if Ms. Brooks has locked away her clothes after she unpacked so Scarlet can experience that feeling as well.

Vlad said...

Oops, that should have been Ms. Chambers, for some reason I keep thinking the house mother's name is Brooks.

FrSpanko said...

I was looking forward for that first lesson.

Starlett is doing quite well, but it is hard to be a nude teacher and ms. Chambers makes it even harder, staying there and smiling.

I hope that there will be a twist at one moment and that Katherine will suffer the wrath of gods.

Paul said...

looks like Scarlet is going to be a very tough teacher.
Whether the girls will thank her, is dubious!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Always makes a good story when a lady with authority to paddle enjoys giving it and is subject to it herself, especially in front of her subordinates. This makes an excellent story line in the corporate world.

Ashley J said...

Vlad, Yes, this was a fun scene to anticipate, but I think Scarlet will have even more entertaining classroom moments in the future. As for Brooks, well Brooke is a character from another story I'm working on, and I know why the name gets into my head at times, but I can't say for you.

FrSpanko, I'm not sure how one would present themselves as an authority figure while naked. As for Ms. Chambers, I think it's safe to say she'll fail to be immune from the Institute's discipline.

Paul, I think Scarlet has as much to learn as her students, but more on that will be exposed later.

Anonymous, It's definitely full of conflict which is great for stories.