Monday, October 22, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 022

Abigail Hastings

Listening to Ms. Watts get spanked behind me was more than a little nerve-racking. I’d heard the rumors of course. Ms. Chambers is said to be as hard on the staff as she is on the students. It was my first experience with direct knowledge of it though. And by the sounds of the paddle smacking Ms. Watts’ bottom, I blinked in unison with each one, I’d say she might actually be harder on the staff. Not that I want to put the theory to a test.
It took about a half hour after the last swat for Ms. Watts to stop sobbing. I spent the whole time staring at the corner. Ms. Watts spent it standing in front of the window, looking out at the girls practicing sports on the field. I was more than happy not to switch places. But once Ms. Watts settled down, things took a less beneficial turn.
Ms. Chambers called me out of the corner. “Abigail, as a monitor part of your responsibilities include assisting the staff. Today, you’re going to be doing just that. Ms. Watts here, needs to be certified in the use of the leather paddle and strap before classes begin tomorrow. She needs a bottom to practice on and given your current status, yours will do nicely.”
I blinked at her in an awkward silence while Ms. Watts played with the leather paddle, smacking it against her open palm. The stern expression worn by Ms. Chambers prompted me to end the silence though I didn’t quite know what I should say. It’s not like I wanted to point out that monitor status had been suspended and I wasn’t really supposed to be helping the staff or anyone else in that capacity. I mean, yeah I wanted to point that out, but I sort of figured Ms. Chambers had already thought that little point through and I probably didn’t want to know exactly what her response would be. Not probably. I definitely didn’t want to know. The leather paddle and leather strap weren’t exactly the worst implements to serve as a training tool. Still, jumping for joy and thanking Ms. Chambers for her thoughtful inclusion of me in the education of the newest member of the Institute’s staff were not exactly the sort of response the situation inspired either. I settled on the less is more approach. Dad always said the more I opened my mouth the farther my foot went in.
“Yes, Miss,” I said.
Ms. Chambers turned toward Ms. Watts. “There are a variety of positions available for use when disciplining the girls, but for now I want you to stick with the basic, touch-your-toes position. Put Abigail in position and take up a comfortable stance behind her and to the side where you can easily swing the paddle without the interference of obstacles.”
Ms. Watts dipped her head to Ms. Chambers. “Yes, Miss.” She turned her gaze on me and it felt cold. “Abigail, face the window take two steps forward and bend down, touching your toes with your fingertips.”
I took a deep breath. “Yes, Miss.” Fingertips on my toes, I watched Ms. Watts take up position and then be guided in closer and turned more perpendicular to my position by Ms. Chambers. It reminded me of my own training.
Ms. Chambers said, “Give her a few light swats, practicing aiming at the center of butt cheeks and alternating from left to right to ensure equal coverage across her bottom.”
The first swat was anything but light. My right butt cheek stung like mad. “One,” I said.
Amused, Ms. Chambers said, “No need to count Abigail. You’ll get whatever it takes, nothing more, nothing less.”
Ms. Watts kept swinging the paddle in a regular, rather fast paced rhythm. Most of my experiences with the leather paddle left me feeling rather relieved because the spankings essentially only stung and they didn’t even do that for long. Not so with Ms. Watts. She made my butt hot and stinging. I actually had tears in my eyes by the time Ms. Chambers declared Ms. Watts leather paddle certified.
Unfortunately, we still had the leather strap to go and Ms. Watts was quite adept with it too. By the time she was certified and I was allowed to go, I’m not sure which of our butts was the hotter and redder. At least I’d already my punishment spanking for the day at breakfast. Poor Ms. Watts still had a spanking coming at dinner. My butt was still pretty sore come then, but I have no doubt Ms. Watts got the worst end of the deal. I swear her butt was still pulsating and glowing when the rest of went to bed. It’s probably the first time I ever felt bad for someone who had just spanked me to tears.


Vlad said...

What a great image, a naked girl being spanked by an even more naked girl with a freshly paddled bottom. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Ms Watts is certainly paying a price for her earlier remarks about discipline at the institution. It is always amusing to see a girl of any age get herself in trouble for running her mouth.

Look forward to the next installemt Ashley. Let the humiliation and suffering continue.

FrSpanko said...

That part looks a little like a transition. Scarlett is in the role of the teacher for once!

A nude teacher, but a teacher...

I'm looking forward to read about her first lessons.

Ashley J said...

Vlad, When you put it that way, it does create a rather vivid and interesting image.

Anonymous, It's funny (well sort of), how some people never seem to get the hang of that self-mute button.

FrSpanko, Yes, it's important to remember that Scarlet is a teacher and not actually a student. I think she might have even forgotten, temporarily at least.


Paul said...

I'm running late, however I don't mind reading two episodes in one morning.
Perhaps Miss isn't quite as bad as she first seemed.
We all need to remember that button at times.
Love and warm hugs,