Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 019

Scarlet Watts

“Fifty-four,” I counted, struggling to keep my fingertips in contact with the tops of my toes. My naked butt burned under the clear paddle’s relentless assault. The cafeteria was silent beyond the echoing claps of my spanking and the sounds of my own sniffling. I could only see the back wall and the floor of the stage, but I could feel the gazes of the assembled girls prickling the bare flesh of my back.
Walter...Dean Rosecliff held nothing back, swinging the paddle again with the intensity of his purpose. The clap rattled in my ears. I sucked in air. My butt bounced. Hot, stinging ripples washed over my body. More tears spilled from my eyes, running down into my hairline. I just wanted the spanking to end, though I knew the discomfort would remain with me well into the night.
“Fifty-five,” I said.
He delivered the final swat. My entire body trembled in a failed effort to suppress a sob. It was humiliating to be broken down into a snotty, sobbing, red-bottomed little girl in front of so many witnesses. If not for the all-consuming fire emanating from my butt, I might have pondered the implications of being so vulnerable in front of the students. Instead, my thoughts remained singularly focused on the spanking and the related pain it caused.
“Fifty-six,” I said.
Dean Rosecliff tapped the paddle against my hot bottom with enough force that it felt like another six light swats being delivered. “Stand straight, hands on head.”
I collected strength, breathing in and out slowly.
He struck my butt with more force. “Now, Scarlet or would you like another fifty-six swats?”
I straightened and folded my hands together atop my head. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I stared out into the crowded cafeteria. The room at large seemed less interested in my presence than the previous evening. Most girls were eating the dinner, casting only sporadic glances toward the stage. The girls who were staring at me, were in fact in no better a situation than me, standing at their tables, hands on their heads and in various stages of nudity. The probably found comfort in seeing me, exposed and discipline as if I were one of them. I, however, found no comfort in the companionship, only shame. Of course, I should have at least realized that while they were being punished for misdeeds, I was only being disciplined for the purpose of an example and understanding.
It seemed much longer than the forty-five minutes it was, standing there until the end of dinner time. I watched the girls put away their plates and exit the room. When all were gone and only staff remained, cleaning, Ms. Chambers finally came to the stage. She grasped hold of my elbow and led me toward the exit, not giving me position to lower my hands.
She said, “I finished reviewing the lesson plans you submitted.”
I glanced at her as we stopped in front of the door leading outside. “And?” I asked.
She opened the door and led me out into the cold night air. My nipples hardened and goosebumps decorated my flesh. I shivered. Her hand slapped my throbbing butt.
“I expect to be addressed with respect,” Ms. Chambers said.
I rolled my eyes. The woman was an irritant. “Yes, Miss Chambers.”
She stopped walking and pivoted herself directly in front of me. “I’m the head of Tanzanite House and your direct supervisor.” She glared into my eyes. “If I need to remind you again, it will be done with a hefty strap at breakfast in front of all those girls. Am I understood or do you require a demonstration in the morning?”
Trepidation beat in my chest. I lowered my gaze. “You’re understood, Miss Chambers.”
“Good,” she said and pivoted back to my side, walking along the path toward Tanzanite House again. “I have tentatively approved your lesson plans, though I wish to discuss some of them with you in more detail.”
I nodded. “Thank you, Miss.” The formal address tasted bitter. “I can discuss them with you whenever you want.”
“Tomorrow,” she said. “after we get you trained in the use of the leather paddle and strap.”
“What time, Miss?” I asked.
“In the morning at nine,” she said.
We reached the front doors of Tanzanite House. She opened the door and led me inside. At the edge of the common room she stopped. She pointed toward the far corner, beside the television. “Like last night, you will spend the remainder of the evening in the corner, only tonight you’ll face the room.”
I stared at her.
She smiled. “I’m the head of this house and when a member of staff gets themselves in enough trouble that they must walk around campus in the buff, I find it appropriate that I add my own discipline to their punishment. Don’t you think that’s wise?”
I took a deep breath. “Yes, Miss.”
She slapped my butt a half dozen time with her hand, attracting the attention of the girls relaxing in the common room. “Off to the corner, Scarlet. And don’t let me catch you staring at the floor or the ceiling. You look at the girls in the room or I’ll consider you in need of a breakfast lesson in respect. Got it?”
“Yes, Miss,” I said and proceeded into the common room. My back pressed into the corner, I watched the girls watching me. And I blushed the whole evening.


Anonymous said...

Always amusing when a superior receives her cumuppence in front of those under her charge. Shouldn't the new staff member be required to acquire some items at the store from the nice young gentleman.

Paul said...

humiliation can be a useful part of discipline, but one has to be careful not to break the spirit.
With pain as with everything else, moderation is very important.
Still loving your imagination.
Love and warm hugs,

Vlad said...

That was a brilliant description of both the spanking and the embarrassment after. Miss Chambers has real talent for humiliation and while it is a bit nasty of me, I really want to see more of her work.

AL said...

Fantastic description of the spanking scene and that Ms Chambers sure is strict.
Looking forward to the next episode

Ashley J said...

Anonymous, I'm not trying to make things too easy on the teachers and staff, but I do think it's a good idea to keep the structure of their lives separate from the students. While I'm sure, the store is used by the staff and teachers for immediate needs, I like the idea that they also have other alternatives.

Paul, I completely agree. It can be a delicate balance though, especially when developing a story around a place like Rosecliff.

Vlad, Thanks. I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of Ms. Chambers work in future episodes.

Al, Thanks. I suspect House Mothers would need to be on the strict side or they'd quickly lose control of their house.


ps. Sorry about the late reply. I've had internet connection issues which are hopefully solved now.

FrSpanko said...

You're welcome Ash! I'm later than you.

This comment to tell you that I like the idea of facing the room as a new step of humiliation.