Monday, June 7, 2010

The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake

The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake: For the General Assembly is available now. The story revolves around Kylie Langston, a college senior at Cedar Lake, who is accused of possessing alcohol on campus, a violation of the school's rather strict rule book. Kylie claims to be innocent and, while the school is investigating her, she begins investigating her own list of suspects, landing herself in all sorts of trouble-filled situations.

Cedar Lake is a rather unique college. The operation of the school has more of a high school feel about it, with the students required to attend all their classes, show up on time, and avoid disrupting the class. To maintain strict adherence to the school's rules, corporal punishment is the order of the day for correcting any student missteps. The ultimate sanction is a disciplinary session carried out before a general assembly of the students and faculty.

One of my readers posed an interesting question about creating and maintaining plausibility while still being able to create interesting and involving spanking and punishment scenes. With a story like Cedar Lake, it can be a difficult challenge and essentially impossible if the reader is demanding a reality or reality plausible story. Story writing is all about creating fictional worlds that make sense and that is the only way I know to keep a reader immersed in the story.

In order to create a world that makes sense, I find it easiest to begin with things most people can relate to as real. In the case of Cedar Lake, we have a structured college environment not unlike many faith-based private universities in the United States. For my personal preferences, I have stripped away the faith, but kept the institution otherwise intact. When it comes to discipline on these campuses, believe it or not most don't turn to the cane or paddle, they have a system of investigation known as a board of inquiry which will, after a review of evidence, decide on penalties for guilty parties. I found this a nice system which I could easily pervert into a tool leading toward the ultimate corporal punishment situations at Cedar Lake. There are minor other nods to real colleges and real college classrooms which help keep the story from straying too far from the normality of college life we all know and expect.

That however, is where the reality ends. In Cedar Lake's pursuit of justice, fairness, and order it employs corporal punishment and it does so without regard to a student's embarrassment, modesty, or general comfort. The real key to a plausible story from this point is all about staying true to the characters and the setting. If it snows in 100 degree temps, things aren't right and that's not a universe any of us can identify with. What I mean is; The punishments and the reactions to those punishments have to be in keeping with the framework of the story and the characters within it. As long as the setting and character don't act in a way contradictory to their development, the disciplinary scenes have a lot of room for exploration. Some readers may think I've gone too far with certain scenes or situations, others not far enough, and this is of course the crux of plausibility; The standards which must be met vary from reader to reader as an author I can't please everyone's personal tastes. I have to stick with creating a story that works for me and in so doing, I have to hope it works for a large number of my readers too.

The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake: For the General Assembly is available for immediate download on as a PDF.

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