Thursday, June 17, 2010

ITS New Again!

I’m sure you didn’t notice. It really isn’t obvious at all. I’m absolutely certain I’ll be telling you something you don’t know. You would never figure it out on your own. If you are blind that is....

Okay, so this post is about nothing more than how happy I am with the new look of Imagine the Stories. Do you like it? Do you like it? Do you like it? Huh? Huh? Huh? Come on you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone what you thought, unless you want me to. Promise. Swear. Cross my blog and hope it gets erased if I’m lying. Well, maybe not. I like my blog too much.

It took me most of yesterday to make it happen. The little things, like the HTML code for my custom gadgets on the sidebar, was enough to drive me totally insane. See the paragraph above if you need proof. But, in the end, not my end mind you, butt—um, but, I finally got everything to work more or less like I wanted it to work. That was no small task. I’m waiting for the applause. Come on, you can do better than that. Much better.

So, there is like some, uh, like cool, uh, like new features. Totally. It’s like blow my skirt off and whack me with a— oh no, that’s not right. Is it? No. Well, maybe. Anyway, new features, like (that’s like way too many ‘like’s in this paragraph isn’t it?) check out the bottom of the posts and you’ll find (I think, I hope, I don’t pray) check boxes where you can anonymously rate your feeling(S) about a post. It even works. That’s like so cool, hot right?

On the right, no the other right, there you go. On the right, I added some “buy now” buttons to the ebooks listed there. Okay, so just to avoid confusion, because confusion leads to chaos and chaos leads to something really, really, really bad (don’t ask me what cause I don’t know), the free ebooks are still free and even though the button says buy, you don’t actually have pay for anything. That’s cool, right? Okay maybe not so cool, cause it’s not exactly self explanatory, but it’ll work. Which by the way, if you haven’t read This Night Only or The Winning Goal (which was posted here on Friday, May 28, 2010) you should really download them and give them a good read. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s ah free. Did I mention free? Oh, and it’s fun.

For the very observant among you, there is something missing. For everyone else I’ll just pretend it was never here. Does that work for you? It works for me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can just stop reading here. Really. I mean it. STOP! If you’re still reading, I guess you’re one of those observant folks or just obstinate, either way what’s missing is the links to Quest Five, The Primrose Girls, and 12 From Oblivion in the My Stories section on the right. Quest Five is still accessible from the Recommended Reading List and I’ve decided to drop the other two from this list because they are incomplete stories and unlikely to be completed in the near or far futures. If you want to save the links to them here they are;

I guess that’s about it for today. My keyboard has run out of letters from my speedy typing. I’m down to using my mouse to cut and paste words from elsewhere and it’s rather tedious. Not really, but I have done that before (mostly for being lazy and not wanting to put something down to type, like my lunch). My keyboard remains intact (it better be, I had to replace it not so long ago) and I continue to work away on my projects.

Today, I admittedly goofed off and played with my blog, but everybody needs a goof off day and besides, I’m graduating in just a couple days. I deserve to rest. I need to rest. Somebody mentioned graduate school and now I’m starting to feel like a permanent student. You know, one of those people who is smart enough to learn, but not smart enough to work. Oh, please don’t let me turn out so bad. I know, I know, you all have a thunderous solution to that problem. Of course, it won’t work because I’m sitting down.


AL said...

Fantastic Page, see I told you I liked it :),oh just watch out for the big bad wolf(LOL), oh I think I heard some thunder too,oh one last thing puts my hands together (CLAP CLAP).
Okay on a serious side awesome page and post,very sharp looking page
AL :)

AL said...


oh just wanted to add one more thing.sorry for the 2nd comment.

Wanted to ask either you or if any one Has a guess of what kind of birds are at the top of your new page? I was thinking seagulls? Just wondering if you would agree or if anyone else agrees?

Paul said...

Ash, noticed as soon as I arrived.
It a little busy, but still I think an improvement on the old one.
I certainly like it, and I'm looking forward to any other goodies that you have in store for you devoted fans.
Al, living on the Atlantic coast as I do, I am all too familiar with seagulls,those birds don't look like seagulls.
I would enjoy applauding your efforts on an unclothed portion of your anatomy dear girl, but you would have to stand up, I would hate to interrupt your typing.
Warm hugs,

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Definitely an improvement, Ashley. It looks clean and classy. The old design did look rather top heavy.

And congratulations on your impending graduation, young lady! What have you been studying?

Ashley J said...

Al, Thanks for all the help in checking the layout. Oh, and I think those might be doves at the top, but I could be totally wrong.

Al, I think I already replied to you. Sorry for the double reply. LOL

Paul, I thought you might have noticed it yesterday because I had already started when commented on yesterday's post, but even for me the page loaded in the old style a couple of times after I had supposedly changed it. As for the applause, you'll just have to catch me on one of my rare breaks. LOL

Karl, Thanks. I really like the clean look much better and the colors are much more pleasing to me now. Glad it's not just me. I'm and English major with an emphasis on creative writing. Never would have guessed, right? LOL