Friday, July 8, 2011

Shop & Spank

The incident took place on aisle two with the cereals and other dry breakfast goods. It was late morning mid-week. The floors had been cleaned and polished only hours earlier and there was no longer any wet or slippery floor danger. There were no obstacles of any sort bar those created by customers, their shopping carts, and their shopping baskets. In short, the collision could only be blamed on the participants.
Miss Christine Spencer, age 22 and dressed in a blue floral summer dress and block heel sandals, turned onto aisle two pushing a rattling shopping cart. The cart contained only two items, a loaf of white sandwich bread and a medium sized cantaloupe. Miss Spencer’s speed exceeded any reasonable shopping velocity, evidenced by the occasional squeaking slip of her sandals losing traction on the industrial tiles. Despite her speed, Miss Spencer’s trajectory approached perfection in pursuit of her targeted favorite sugary cereal.
77 year old Mr. Joe Harper, attired in gray sweat bottoms, a sport affiliated tee and white athletic shoes, ignored the noise of the approaching cart. His attention remained fixed on a pair of competing brand cereal boxes located on a shoulder height shelf. Mr. Harper could not recall which brand he liked and which he did not though he knew for certain one of them tasted more of cardboard than oats. As a result Mr. Harper became caught by surprise and easily lost his fragile balance when Miss Spencer’s cart struck his own.
Father to Christine Spencer, Mr. Timothy Spencer, age 48 and wearing casual office attire, a light blue oxford with khaki slacks and brown loafers, arrived on the scene moments after the collision. His daughter appeared oblivious to Mr. Harper groaning on the aisle floor and she pushed Mr. Harper’s cart out of the way of her low shelf cereal, unconcerned about the cart’s proximity to Mr. Harper. Mr. Spencer scolded his daughter while she dropped her acquired cereal box into her cart and he knelt to assist Mr. Harper.
Christine Spencer offered Mr. Harper a less than sincere apology before returning to handle of her cart and attempting to proceed further down the aisle. Mr. Spencer stopped the cart with a steady hand and gave his daughter a look designed to communicate both his disappointment and embarrassment at her behavior. The look failed to impress anything upon Christine Spencer. Mr. Harper however, read the situation perfectly.
“In my day,” Mr. Harper said, “a young woman of your attitude would be properly chastised until she was as apologetic and embarrassed as her parents were for her behavior.”
Christine Spencer responded with a rebellious roll of her eyes and a shrewd shake of her head. Further, she said, “Well I am sorry you can’t take a little bump, but it’s not really my fault you’re so old and fragile is it?”
“Christine!” Mr. Spencer exclaimed. His face colored in embarrassment for himself and his daughter. “I’m so sorry for this sir, if there is anything I can do to make it up to you, please let me know.”
Mr. Harper nodded to Mr. Spencer deciding to ignore the daughter. “There is indeed. You can take this brat out to the parking lot and give her bare buttocks a proper hiding until she’s ready to offer me a sincere apology.”
Mr. Spencer acquiesced to Mr. Harper’s demand over the loud objections of his daughter. Witnesses described the scene as temper tantrum. Christine Spencer reportedly stomped her feet, shoved her cart toward Mr. Spencer and attempted to flee the scene. Mr. Spencer moved faster than his daughter though and promptly ended her fugitive run.
Store employee Nancy Poe, age 34, described the scene;
There were three of them. Two men and a younger woman, the men had an arm each on the woman and were dragging her toward the exit. Her shoes slid on the floor and her hair gave her kind of a wild look flailing all across her face and shoulders. You could tell she was related to at least one of the men cause she kept calling him daddy. I’ve worked here over ten years and I’ve seen stuff like this before. She was going to get a whuppin’ and by the look of things it was none too soon.
Miss Christine Spencer was half dragged, half carried to the back of the Spencer’s minivan in the parking lot. The outside temperature was near 80 and on the black top it felt closer to 90. A dry wind blew in from the east keeping the humidity down despite the store’s proximity to the ocean. Seagulls circled over head looking for scraps of food on the ground.
The timing of events worked favorably for Miss Spencer. The parking lot was less than half full and there was little traffic on the nearby Pacific Coast Highway. Most of the local patrons would have been at work and it was still too early for lunch breaks, though midday was fast approaching. If Miss Spencer knew these facts, she showed no gratitude for them.
Mr. Spencer kept a firm grip on his daughter while opening the rear hatch of his light blue minivan. Mr. Harper, satisfied matters were in hand and being handled, let go of Miss Spencer and stepped back from the father and daughter, presumably to enjoy the role of spectator. Miss Spencer dialed down her resistance displaying only a pouting face and wobbling knees.
Back to the open-gate van, Mr. Spencer released his physical hold on his daughter. In the sunlight the firm lines of his face seemed like chiseled rock. He pointed into the back of the minivan. “You know the drill,” he said. “Dress off, fold it neatly, and place it inside.”
Christine Spencer sucked on her lower lip. Her eyes darted from her father to Mr. Harper, to the open parking lot and then back to her father. A hot blush colored her face and her body trembled at the prospect of having to obey her father’s command. “Please Daddy,” she said with a whimpering tone, “I’m too old for this.”
Mr. Spencer displayed his conviction to the course of action and a lack of tolerance for delays with the stare of his eyes and the inhalation of a single breath. “You’ve already earned a spanking here and one when we get home, if you’d like another before bed tonight, keep wasting time.”
Miss Spencer surrendered to her father’s will. She gathered the skirt of her summer dress in her small hands and pulled the garment off, over her head. The blush on her face brightened. She held the dress out in front of her, hugging it to her naked breasts. Like her father, she inhaled deeply and only then held the garment away to fold it. Carefully, she laid the folded dress inside the minivan and reemerged with her arms folded across her breasts. Christine faced her father, attired in pale blue panties, clear sandals, and nothing more.
Mr. Harper shook his head, appearing repulsed by the view of the mostly naked girl. “Absolutely disgusting,” he said. “A young woman your age has no business traipsing around the city without wearing a bra.”
Mr. Spencer gave no indication whether or not he agreed with Mr. Harper’s assessment of his bra-less daughter. He rested his hands on the braided leather belt around his waist and kept his eyes on Christine. “Now your panties,” he said, “and after you lay them atop your dress you can stay bent over with your hands flat on the floor of the van.”
Christine Spencer hooked her thumbs into the waistband of panties. Her lower lip remained sucked into her mouth and her eyes scanned the parking lot looking for voyeurs. She spotted a young woman, not much older than herself by appearance, loading groceries into the trunk of her sedan. The young woman smirked in Christine’s direction, taking her time with her bags and making no attempt to pretend she was not watching the scene unfold.
Mr. Spencer took a step closer to Christine. His hand flashed through the air and slapped the panty covered butt of his daughter. She kicked a leg up in the air and shot a glare of anger in her father’s direction. He slapped her butt twice more and she lowered her gaze. Mr. Harper and the voyeuristic young woman smiled at the show.
“I warned you,” Mr. Spencer said. “Now you have a bedtime spanking coming and if you keep up the way you are, there will be a spanking before breakfast tomorrow morning too.”
“Daddy!” Christine Spencer said. The name reverberated as a complaint and a protest, but she wisely avoided extrapolating on the concepts.
The shortness of Mr. Spencer’s breath was the most obvious sign of the growing embarrassment he felt as a result of daughter’s behavior. His voice took on a hiss as he spoke. “Breakfast it is,” he said. “Are you going for lunch tomorrow as well or are you going to shut your mouth and take your panties off?”
Christine Spencer kept her eyes on a downward bend. The quiver of her jaw suggested a battle raging behind her blue eyes though. A daughter of 22 has a mind and will not easily subverted even in the face of escalating negative consequences. Miss Spencer did however, keep her tongue in check and force herself to obey the difficult and embarrassing instructions of her father. She lowered her panties with haste, stepping out of them and nearly losing her balance when the material caught on the heel of her left sandal. Christine folded the panties in half and laid them atop her dress inside the minivan. Afterward, she remained bent inside with her hands resting flat on the carpet.
Mr. Spencer unbuckled his belt and pulled it free of his trousers. “A wise choice if not a little late,” he said.
Mr. Harper said, “A willful girl like that could use a spanking a week if not more.”
The nod of Mr. Spencer’s head indicated agreement, but the lack of verbal reinforcement suggested he might have been avoiding an argument with the older gentleman. He folded the belt in half. His hands press the fold tighter together until the doubled over brown belt contain only a small gap between the halves. He took position on his daughter’s left side and rested his own left hand on her naked back.
The belt made no noise until its impact against the white jutting cheeks of Christine Spencer. The clap of leather against fatty flesh echoed in the parking lot. Miss Spencer huffed hot air at the carpet in front of her face. Her legs wobbled once before returning straight and still. A small pink stripe decorated her untanned butt in the belt’s absence and Mr. Harper nodded approval.
Mr. Spencer swung the belt a second, third, fourth, and fifth time. Miss Spencer began to cry after the fourth. Salty tears ran down her blushing face and dripped onto the minivan’s carpet below. She sniffled and stubbornly held back the apology she knew would inevitably escape her lips. The sound of a car engine cutting off was followed by the sound of car door slamming closed and then the clack of hard heels walking on asphalt.
The five pink stripes across Miss Spencer’s buttocks where soon joined by five more. Christine began kicking a leg up after each stroke by the seventh. Her butt wavered left and right as she began to feel the strokes enough to yelp in their aftermath. Mr. Spencer continued the spanking undeterred. He applied another twenty before pausing to catch his breath.
“I’ll be good,” Christine said. Her sniffle accented voice assured that she meant the words, at least for the immediate future.
“Are you ready to apologize?” Mr. Spencer asked.
Christine nodded her head. It must have then occurred to her that in her position, her nodding head was not a sight easily seen by those behind her. She said, “I’m sorry Daddy.”
“I have no doubt you are,” Mr. Spencer said, “but merely saying so is not an apology.”
Christine nodded again. “I’m sorry for acting like a brat and embarrassing you in the store.”
Mr. Spencer let his belt dangle next to his leg and nodded at his daughter. “Better,” he said. “Now, I want you to stand up and face Mr. Harper here and apologize to him like you should have done in the store.”
Miss Spencer pushed herself upright. Her hands, once free of supporting her weight, immediately went to clutching her buttocks. It’s doubtful she intended to do so, but she hopped around to face Mr. Harper rather than pivoting on her heel. She seemed oblivious to her naked exposure, the bouncing of her breasts, and the rattle of an approaching shopping cart.
She struggled to look Mr. Harper in the face. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I was rude and reckless and I should have been paying more attention to what I was doing. I’m sincerely sorry for any pain or injury I may have caused.”
Mr. Harper said, “Had you apologized initially, you still would have deserved a spanking, but I think it’s fair to say it would have been a lot less embarrassing for you.”
Christine lowered her head. “Yes, sir.”
Satisfied with Miss Spencer’s more muted attitude, Mr. Harper turned his attention to Mr. Spencer. “A job well done, sir,” he said. “All is forgiven and now I really must return to my shopping.”
With the departure of Mr. Harper, Mr. Spencer returned his attention to his daughter. She continued to nurse her spanked butt and bounce up and down on her feet. He smiled thinking about how she always looked like a little girl right after a spanking. Her attitude would be much improved for a few days, not just from the parking lot spanking but from the ones yet to come at home.
Mr. Spencer said, “That’s enough dancing around. Put your panties back on, we still have shopping to do.”
Christine obediently stopped hopping in place and turned back to the minivan. She bent to reach inside, retrieving her panties and then paused. She looked back at her father, a red flush of panic washing over face and indeed her entire naked body. “Only my panties?” she asked.
Mr. Spencer nodded. “That’s all you’re going to need until we get back home and once we get there, you won’t be needing them for the next couple days. Now hurry it up or would you rather wait here in the parking lot with your bottom still bare?”
Christine Spencer decided the best answer was to grab her panties and pull them up. She didn’t dare risk the possibility that he might follow through with the suggestion and leave her embarrassingly exposed in the parking lot while he shopped. Inside the store she could hide down empty aisles or behind floor displays, she hoped.


AL said...


Excellent post.
Mr Spencer handled the brat in Appropriate manner. Sure she wished she had stopped being so strong willed and stubborn a bit sooner.
AL :)

Paul said...

Ash, a dad after my own heart.
A few more dads' like that and the world would be a happier place
Nice one, thank you.
Love and warm hugs,

♠ace of spades said...

Meanwhile on the grocery store loudspeaker... "Don't forget to check out the fresh toasted buns and ripe melons before you go!"

Ashley J said...

Al, I'm sure everyone else was just fine with her taking her sweet time in adjusting her attitude. LOL

Paul, It's amazing how many people behave badly in stores. I'm sure most of them would benefit tremendously from a sound spanking in the parking lot.

Ace, I should have ended the story with that.