Friday, July 29, 2011

The Jade Runner, Part 09

Kit led the way as they searched the ship. On the second level they took a catwalk from the stairs out of the cargo hold into the main body of the ship. The level contained four rooms designed as crew quarters, each with two bunks, a head, and a modest amount of storage space for clothing and personal possessions. On the port side of the ship, nearest the elevator at the back, was the ship’s medical bay. It was equipped with advanced diagnostic beds and what looked to be top of the line surgical equipment, but its cabinets were oddly lacking in any medical supplies.
Across the hall from the medical bay was the captain’s quarters. It was a larger version of the crew quarters with a double-sized bunk, ample storage and a floor safe beneath the bed. After a couple minutes of examination, Kit discovered the bed folded up against the wall to give easy access to the safe. Quinn showed her how to override the safe’s combination with her ownership thumbprint authorization on the remote. The safe opened to reveal sub-floor storage of nearly a third of the captain’s quarters. It was empty.
The group took the elevator to the third level where they explored the ship’s four guest cabins, the mess hall, recreation center, and supply storage. Finding no sign of the sarcophagus, they took stairs from the supply storage up to the fourth level. A quick search of the ship’s library, control center, communications room, security office, and the brig revealed nothing as well. Whatever Rex had done with the sarcophagus it was fairly clear it wasn’t on board the Griffinscape. Just to be thorough, the group took the elevator up to the small fifth level which contained nothing more than two rear docking ports, a set of empty lockers and two environment suits for spacewalks.
“Where is the sarcophagus?” the red head asked, placing the barrel of her pistol against Kit’s forehead when they re-boarded the elevator.
Kit met her gaze with unblinking eyes. “I already told you, we’re not involved with Rex or your sarcophagus. I won this ship from him in a poker game last night at Gorda’s casino. Check it out if you don’t believe me or shoot me in the head if you think it’s going to somehow make your missing treasure appear.”
The red head was unimpressed with Kit’s lack of fear and brazen attitude. “Do you know what happens to thieves in this part of the galaxy?”
Kit said, “I’m not a thief,” while Jade’s voice taunted her; Consequences aren’t just for other people.
“Well see about that,” the red head said. “My boss has ways of finding out the truth.”
Kit grabbed the barrel of the pistol and turned it sideways while leveraging her body against the red head to throw the woman up against the elevator wall. “I’ve tried to be nice cause I already know the kind of scum Rex is even though I only met him a few hours ago but you’ve seen for yourself I don’t have your treasure. Now you can either take your boys and get off my ship or I can throw you off. Either way, we’re done.”
“Kit!” Quinn said, alarmed at the possibility of an escalating conflict that could easily end up with people dead. The two men next to him kept their calm. One kept a weapon trained on Quinn and the other turned his weapon on Kit’s back.
The red head pushed back against Kit. Leverage worked against her though and her efforts were useless. “You don’t have a clue who you’re fucking with do you?”
Kit smiled with teeth. “Just a red headed bimbo and her two lap dogs.” She punched the control button for the first level and the elevator door slid closed.
Upon arrival at the first level the door slid open and the ramp to the hangar floor extended from the ship. The red head seethed in Kit’s face. Quinn kept as close eye as he could on the two men. Kit looked over her shoulder when the ramp thumped against the floor.
“You two,” Kit said, nodding her head at the men, “give my associate back our weapons and exit down the ramp.”
The men looked to their red headed boss and only complied when she nodded her approval. Quinn took the weapons but avoided pointing them at anyone. The situation was the sort that could turn bad at any second from just a single mistake made by any one of the five of them. Quinn knew it best.
Kit glared into the red head’s eyes. “I’ll be keeping this,” she said, indicating the pistol with an extra push into it, “and you can either let go and walk down the ramp peacefully or I can rip it out of your hand and roll you down the ramp after I put a hole in you. What’s it going to be?”
The red head stared back. “This isn’t over.” She let go of the pistol and sidestepped to the ramp, walking down it backward, with her eyes trained on Kit. Once on the hangar floor she signaled to her two men and they left the hangar without a further word.


Paul said...

Ash, we can't have excitement in every paragraph, before we knew it we would overdose, and that would never do.
You lose more readers that way! LOL
Love and warm hugs,

AL said...

Another good post. Have a feeling that kit has not seen the last of the red headed bimbo.
AL :)

Ashley J said...

Paul, I know, the action overdose can be lethal to devout readers. The edge of seat moments can literally leave them falling without a safety net. Unfortunately when that occurs, they are often never heard or seen again. LOL

Al, Kit and the red headed bimbo do indeed have another date coming and I hear from a very reliable source Kit will playing very hard to get.