Friday, July 1, 2011

A Little Update for July

It looks like the new 3 posts a week schedule has been an overwhelming success. As a result I’m going to do my best to keep it going at least in the short term. I’m not quite ready with the next multi-part story yet so, that means a little filler for the next week.
First, on Monday I’ll be sharing a review of DJ Black’s spanking novel, The Russell Corner. It is available for purchase through and can be linked to via the buy link in the right column on this blog or through DJ Black’s site, A Voice in the Corner. I know DJ Black will appreciate your support of his literary talents and is proud to share this work with all of you.
Come Wednesday, an ITS article will be featured, followed on Friday by a related short story. Hopefully this will be sufficient to keep everyone entertained over the next week. The extra time will allow me to firm up the plot line and complete a number of scenes for the upcoming multi-part story tentatively titled, The Adventures of Kit Wilde: The Jade Runner.
The new story will be a slight departure from my typical storytelling settings on ITS and will dive into one of my favorite mainstream genres, science fiction / fantasy. If that concept rattles you a little bit please rest assured the story will feature plenty of my customary style of corporal punishment scenes and I promise no walking, talking or otherwise sentient trees. And for those of you who enjoyed the action sequences from Quest Five, you’ll be pleased to know Kit Wilde is already known to be quite capable at pulling off a few impressive stunts of her own. Look for the beginning of her adventure on Monday, July 11.


Paul said...

Ash, I have The Russel Corner, so I will read your review with interest.
Love and warm hugs,

François said...

Dear Ashley,
I am catching up on Becky’s story and just read the final chapter. Finally Ritchie experiences a surge of testosterone! He takes a switch to Diana’s bottom! I was starting to think the lad was gay, or deeply inhibited, or something. What young man would otherwise turn his gaze away when his lovely young cousin, who has repeatedly scorned him, is disrobed and bared for a deserved spanking? Frankly? But all is well that ends well. The natural order of the world is re-established. Boys spank girls, and girls know they can’t avoid it. ;)
Another great story, with fast paced action, witty dialogues and piquant situations. Thank you

(who looks forward to the new story, although sci-fi does rattle him, but he accepts the promise there will be plenty of punishments and no walking trees)

Ashley J said...

Paul, I'd love to hear how your opinion compares to mine.

François, I thought of Ritchie as being a bit shy. Through the story, Becky, via bad behavior, manages to help him mature a little and overcome his inhibitions enough to give him confidence when he finally confronts the woman of his dreams. I'm pleased you enjoyed it and hope you'll enjoy the new story coming up next week, despite its scifi backdrop.