Monday, November 7, 2011

The Jade Runner, Part 23

Two guards grabbed Kit by the shoulder, holding her in place despite her best intention to follow Wudwerth. Zeller pulled a knife from a sheath on his belt and stepped up, directly behind Kit. He pulled the collar of her top and jacket away from her neck and slipped the knife inside. The cold metal sent a chill down her spine. Zeller slashed the knife downward, cutting open Kit’s clothing from behind.
Zeller walked around to the front of Kit and slipped his knife down the front collar of her top. He sliced downward again, opening her top in front. The guards on either side of her pulled the tattered remains of her top and jacket down her arms until only the restraints keeping her hands bound behind her, kept the clothing on any part of her body. The white lace of her bra kept Kit’s breast covered until Zeller reached out and sliced it in half as well. He stared into her eyes enjoying the blush on her cheeks as he reached out with his free hand and pinched her pink nipples until they stood pointed and hard.
Kit spit in his face.
He didn’t bother to wipe it way. Zeller walked around behind her again. He unbound her hands and yanked her upper body’s clothing free, leaving it lay useless on the ground. Kit struggled to break free of the guards grasped, but the three men pushed her forward and bent her over the wooden contraption. Zeller used the leather restraints to fasten her wrists and upper body to the device. The guards removed her pants, panties, boots and socks, leaving her completely naked. Zeller finished fastening the restraints to her knees and ankles. Kit strained against the leather to no avail. She was exposed to their mercy and Zeller had none.
Zeller walked to the wall and lifted a paddle off its hook. He carried it over to Kit and held it in front of her forward staring face. “Do you know what this is?” he asked.
Kit smiled at him. “A replacement for your dick?”
He shook his head. “You are feisty.”
“And you’re a dick-less coward,” Kit said.
Zeller laughed and brushed the strands of Kit’s hair out of her eyes. “You do know I’m going to spank you with this?”
She spat in his face. “Right and I’m not dumb enough to think you’ll not if I’m all sweet and sugary.”
He wiped the saliva off his cheek and stood up straight. With his thumb, he pressed a button on the handle of the paddle and a sound like running water filled the room. The surface of the paddle glistened in the torchlight and ripples appeared as he moved it through the air in Kit’s view.
“The surface of the paddle is kept continually wet,” Zeller said, “which improves the surface contact between the paddle and your flesh. I’m told it has a fierce sting. The effect gets worse the longer the spanking because the cold of the water cause skin contraction while the heat of the spanking causes skin expansion immediately after impact.”
Kit said, “If you let me up, I promise to give you some firsthand experience so you can know for yourself.”
Zeller laughed. “Slaves receive punishment. They do not dish it out.”
“I’m no slave,” Kit said.
He moved around behind her with the paddle. “Oh, but you are,” he said and slapped the paddle hard against her jutting buttocks.
Kit grunted and strained against the restraints holding her down. Zeller swung the paddle another four times. Each time the impact wobbled her buttocks with a muffled crack. Kit fought to move, to free herself, but the leather and wood held her tight. Her butt turned pink. The sting stung from her bottom to her eyes.
Zeller said, “As a slave to Count Wudwerth, you’ll be expected to perform tasks without hesitation or question. Failure will result in a spanking.”
The paddle cracked down ten more times. Kit vocalized her discomfort with noise of pain. She continued to struggle against her restraints to no avail. On the last two swats her legs tried to kick. The guards laughed at her display. A single tear dripped from Kit’s eye and splashed onto the hay covered floor.
“Slaves,” Zeller said, “have no possessions, no property of any kind and most importantly, no clothing. If you attempt to cover yourself in anyway, you will be punished.”
He swung the paddle, reddening her buttocks another twenty times. The fiery pain consumed Kit. She tried to kick and wiggle free. The wood and leather kept her in place. She howled in response to each of the last ten swats. Tears ran freely down her cheeks. Her butt glowed red with warmth and glistened with water droplets the paddle left behind.
Zeller scratched his fingers over her jutting, red buttocks. “If you’d like to serve my guards their evening meal say, Thank you Master Zeller. If you’d like to be spanked more, say anything you like or nothing at all.”
Jade’s voice echoed in Kit head, You can’t fight a storm, you either ride it or get buried by it. Don’t get buried by it.
Kit swallowed her tears and cleared her throat while blinking back the tears still threatening to fall. Her butt burned as hot as the torches lighting the room. She hated Zeller and his guards. Serving them was unthinkable, but Jade was right; There was no true option.
“Thank you, Master Zeller,” she said and closed her eyes.


Paul said...

Ash, thank you, this is fierce.
Looking forward to reading how Kit gets out of this.
Love and warm hugs,

Vlad said...

Things are heating up,not only do you give us a surprise plot twist but also two spankings in as many episodes. I'm really looking forward to somebody getting some just desserts but I suspect there are some more surprises first. I don't suppose Jade is actually pulling the strings and will reappear at the end after teaching her sister a lesson?