Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time for an Update

I'm sorry for making you wait for part 6 of The Pickett Family Holiday. Unfortunately I suffered from technical problems over the weekend and I took some time to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends prior to that. With a little luck, I'll have part 6 ready for posting tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning at the latest.

For those waiting on emails from me, I promise I'll get to those as well in the near future. And for those of you who are wondering; yes, The Jade Runner will be returning soon, as we can't just leave our heroes hanging from a cliff forever. Even their arms get tired sometimes. lol


wallace2williams said...

Thanks for the update. Even writers deserve rest and family time.

I can't wait to be there for Stephanie's upcoming spanking. I hope all the guys get to watch.

You are right about the sensitivity of family discipline scenarios. But as you point out, it's all fun, fiction and fantasy. No one really gets hurt.

I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I find your work fascinating, especially the family stories! You know your characters and we get to know them too.

If you are serious about critiquing down the road, I would love for you to give me your thoughts on a couple of pieces I will never have the nerve to post.

Keep up the great work and let's make sure naughty Stephanie stays naughty and gets what she has coming!


Ashley J said...

Bill, Thanks for understanding. The next part of naughty Stephanie will be up tomorrow morning. I hope you enjoy it.

If you'd like me to critique something, I should have some time come January and I'd be pleased to give you my thoughts. Right now, I'm a little swamped trying to catch up with everything I've missed over the last few months.