Friday, July 2, 2010

Tutor Me Hard

So like, physics was so not what I thought it was like. I mean, what the hell? Physics sounds like it is supposed to be like about the physical and the ‘ics’ which totally sounds like ‘exs’ which is just like one letter shy of ‘sex’. So like, physics was supposed to be about physical sex. I mean that is like a real science, right? Apparently, so not what I was thinking and that like made it super hard uh, difficult, there was like nothing hard in sight.
When the professor was like talking about attraction and opposites and poles and stuff it all, like sounded right on. I was totally on board. I mean opposites, dude, they attract and we all know it. Just take a look around, right? Everything was like totally cool and then somebody said ‘vectors’. I am like totally thinking about ways to approach, but it is not supposed to be all math and shit. Signs and co-signs were all totally cool too. I mean I’m a Libra and I would love to know all about my co-signs. Can you believe the professor had like the nerve to laugh at me when I asked?
I was like whatever after that. I mean, if even the professor is clueless why should I even care? Then there was like this problem cause I like failed the midterm and I like have to pass the moronic class to get my degree. Whatever! I would be like totally all for it if it were what it was supposed to be. I mean like sex is something to study cause we all have to do it in the real world and like nobody wants to come off as all inexperienced. This other stuff, well I do not think I will like ever have a need.
Enter the tutor, David Cooker. I call him Davey Cockett and he calls me Viola. It is like totally normal cause that is like my name, but he like blushes when I call him Mr. Cockett. Can you imagine why? Whatever. I just call him Davey mostly, but he still like blushes. So, he is like my tutor, and that is like a hard uh, difficult job. He is good though. I mean like he has taught me stuff and he is like a little cute in that geeky, all older dude sort of way. Opposite attraction and stuff I guess, but I would like totally do ‘physexs’ with him.
So there I was, standing outside his house on a beautifully sunny day. Davey has one of those small, two-level homes, that bachelors like love. Tile roofing, reminds me of Missions and like historical places and stuff, but it is like cool. Not much of a private yard or anything to it, but the shared grounds have like lots of plants and green things. I could totally live in a place like it, but anyway, I was standing there. My hand was poised to knock on the door while I was like thinking of excuses and reasons to give him. I mean, I like had a bad test report  to tell him about and I like did not want to cause he gets like red-faced about stuff like that. It is kind of cute, until he starts with that awful lecturing.
He just opened the door. I mean, like I did not even knock or anything, he just opened the door. He like looked down at me through his semi-fogged glasses and donned this all like serious face. It was like he already knew. My heart sank into my butt and jumped into my throat all in the same heavy second. I blinked up at him and he like raised an eyebrow as if he wanted to ask something. My way of thinking was if he did not ask, I did not have to tell. So, the like obvious choice was to get him thinking about something else.
I bounced up on my tiptoes and kissed him, like right on the lips. It was cool. He like responded well at first and then he like sort of pushed my back and stumbled back from the door. His cheeks like turned into tomatoes. I licked my lips and unbuttoned the top of my blouse. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. I mean he was like a fish out of water, drinking air for water and getting nothing he needed.
Pushing him further inside, I kicked the door closed behind us and wrapped my arms around his big, strong neck. His glasses like double fogged over with the steam coming out his burning cheeks. I pushed my moist lips onto his dry ones and forced my tongue into his mouth. He kept stumbling backward, but I held tight and let him like carry me along with him. His hands groped all over me, as if he could not make up his mind if he wanted to push me away, pull me closer, or rip my clothes off. I was voting for the last, because I doubt he would be thinking about my test results if I was standing naked in his arms.
It was like totally surprising then when he pushed me away. I was like what the f—, then he was all like flustered trying to be serious and not embarrassed. His face must have been like over a hundred degrees with the red glow it was emanating. I shrugged and smiled while fluttering my eyelashes. The shy thing is not much my thing, but I let my lips quiver and my gaze dart away from him to make him think I was like nervous and afraid of rejection. Most guys like totally fall over themselves with that sort of thing.
“What do you think you are doing?” Davey asked, finding his voice with both hands.
I chewed my lower lip and said, “Don’t you like me?”
“Of course, I like you,” he said.
I allowed my eyes to flicker up to his face and said, “Then why are you pushing me away?”
“It’s not appropriate,” Davey said.
I said, “I’m over eighteen.”
“That’s not the point,” he said.
I glanced at his slacks and the obvious tightness in them and said, “I can see the point. I know you want me.”
“I’m your tutor,” he said.
I smiled and said, “Yes, and there is so much I have yet to learn.”
“You won’t learn anything unless you get serious,” he said.
“I can be as serious as you want,” I said, stepping closer to him and running my hands over the front of his slacks.
He slapped my hands away and said, “Viola, this is totally inappropriate!”
Taking a step back, I quivered my lower lip and said, “You think I’m ugly.”
“Viola!” he said, stepping toward me.
I backed away, shaking my head and saying, “I’m such a fool. I thought you loved me.”
“Stop this ridiculous behavior right this instant or I’m going to spank you,” Davey said.
I stared up into his big eyes and said, “You couldn’t.”
“I could,” he said, taking a step toward me.
“You wouldn’t,” I said, backing away until the door stopped me.
“I would,” he said, closing the distance between us.
“You won’t,” I said, trembling under his downward gaze.
“I will,” he said, grabbing a firm hold of my arm.
Davey pulled me along into the living room. The blinds were open and you could see right outside. Anyone in the vicinity would totally see us and know what was likely happening. I tugged away, but Davey held me tight. He sat in an armless, straight backed chair in front of the window. I shook my head in protest as he pulled me toward his lap. It was all so futile, he had me and there was nothing I could do except lay over his lap and wait.
My skirt was like flipped out of the way. His big, mean hand, grabbed each of my butt cheeks, one at a time, squeezing them like checking fruit for ripeness. I giggled, staring at the floor and enjoying his attentions, even if they were a bit unusual. Then he like did the unthinkable and slapped his hand against my bubbling bottom. It stung. It tingled. It felt warm and secure and he did it again and again. I wrapped my body into him, relishing in the comfort of his grip.
“Have I got your attention now?” Davey asked.
“Undivided,” I said, closing my eyes and basking in the warmth.
“Good,” Davey said, patting my bottom delicately. “Shall we talk about your exam then?”
“Do we have to?” I asked.
“Yes,” he said.
“I’d really rather not,” I said.
“I hadn’t guessed,” he said.
“I’m not surprised,” I said.
“We’re going to talk about it,” he said.
“I’m sure I have nothing to say about it,” I said.
“I suppose I could impart my feeling with my hand if you prefer,” he said.
“You are better suited for the strong silent type,” I said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked.
“Nothing,” I said.
He slapped my bottom and said, “Are you certain?”
I shook my head and said, “I’m Viola, remember?”
“You think you are funny?” he asked.
I shrugged and said, “Yes.”
His hand suggested he felt otherwise. My butt like bounced and wiggled. His hand flew from cheek to cheek with sound of applause filling the room. Warm turned to like hot and I yelped in increasing discomfort. He carried on as if my noises and movement mattered not a bit. When he stopped and squeezed my cheeks again, I felt a little less secure and a lot more like bolting for the door. His grip put a damper on those great plans though.
“I heard you failed,” he said.
“Do you believe everything you hear?” I asked.
“If I did, would I bother asking you?” he asked.
“I haven’t the foggiest,” I said.
“Shall I take your panties down?” he asked.
“Would you like to?” I asked.
“I think I would,” he said.
“Then maybe you should,” I said.
Davey slipped fingers into my waistband and slowly tugged my panties downward and off my bottom. I wiggled and lifted my hips to help him in his efforts. It was like too much to ask for him to be totally distracted, but I could feel his desires building beneath me. My panties slid down my legs and his hand massaged my burning buttocks. He squeezed and slapped until I was uncertain whether I was coming or going. I sucked air with nothing else to fill me.
He lifted me from his lap, turned me over in his arms and laid me back down to stare up into his hungry eyes. My bottom burned, but I quickly forgot its heat as he pressed his lips against mine, cradling me in his arms. I melted into him, licking his lips like candy. He brushed away the dampness of tears around my eyes and lifted me into his arms, standing tall. I smiled with my cheek resting against his strong shoulder.
“Did you really fail?” he asked, nibbling at my earlobe.
I shook my head and said, “Aced it, but if this is what failure earns, I’ll fail from now on.”
“Don’t you dare,” he said.
I know, I probably like totally forgot to mention this earlier, but Davey is a bit more than my tutor. We met that way. I mean I was doing horrible and he was so sweet and helpful. That was before though and now, well he tutors me in physic and ‘physex’ these day. Sometimes, I think I am like the luckiest girl in the world and then other times, I like know it. Anyway, time for more ‘physex’ training, but if you want to know about that, you are just going to have to like get your own damn tutor, cause Davey is taken.


AL said...


Good Image set for this weeks story and will say that the beginning was quite funny. thanks again for the weekly stories
AL :)

Bill said...

I enjoyed the tounge N cheek banter. Very enjoyable.

Ashley J said...

Al, The images come from It was meant to be an amusing tale with a few twists, but I think I could have wrapped through it better if I had spent more time on it.

Bill, Glad you enjoyed it. I like to keep the voices of my narrators interesting and sometimes it does provide for some great banter.


Erotic Books said...

Hey Ashley,

You've got very unique talent on writing :) I all your writing styles. I've bookmarked your blog site and tweeted it. Keep writing baby!

Ashley J said...

Erotic Books, Thanks. I imagine there are still many more stories to come for this blog and hopefully they'll continue to be enjoyed. No need to worry about me stopping writing, I'm not sure I could even if I wanted.