Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It is not always possible or desirable for the Disciplinarian to initiate a spanking in the immediacy of an incident. In such times, the Disciplinarian will postpone the spanking until a more appropriate or convenient time and/or location. While there is definitely a satisfactory outcome to be obtained from taking “on the spot” action, there can also be a benefit gained from waiting. If done properly, the experience of waiting can be an effective accompaniment to the spanking.
The waiting period can be enhanced in a variety of manners. Most Disciplinarians, when faced with delaying a spanking, will at the very least inform the Recipient of what they can expect in the near future; Their spanking. On its own, the warning creates anticipation and can subdue the inclination for further misbehavior on behalf of the Recipient. Given a little more thought, the Disciplinarian can further enhance the Recipient’s calmer attitude by describing in more detail the precise punishment awaiting them. If desired, the Disciplinarian can also require the Recipient to recite the details of their future punishment aloud or even have them write it out.
While enhancing the waiting period with a verbal detail of the impending spanking event is almost always possible, other possible enhancements to this period may require a controlled, safe environment. The possibilities are limited solely by the Disciplinarian’s imagination and the suitability of the circumstances involved. Popular enhancements include;
Corner time - The Recipient is sent to stand, sit, or kneel in a particular location, often an open corner in a room, but the location can in fact be any specific location chosen by the Disciplinarian. A duration may or may not be set, although typically the spanking will occur immediately following the end of corner time.
Implement Fetching - The Recipient is sent to retrieve and hold the implement while they await the beginning of their spanking. Often time the Recipient will wait in a specific location, holding the chosen implement in their hands. Although this enhancement may be combined with corner time, typically the waiting location is an assigned room, such as the Recipient’s bedroom or a pre-determined punishment location such as a punishment room, a garage, a basement, or other room in the house.
Clothing alteration - The Recipient is required to alter their state of dress in preparation for the impending spanking. Often this will mean the baring of the buttocks, either by lowering the pants or shorts, and the undergarments or by removing them completely. Skirts and dresses may be lifted and tucked above the waist or removed depending upon the Disciplinarian’s preferences. In some cases, the Disciplinarian may desire full nudity, requiring the Recipient to remove all articles of clothing. When articles of clothing are removed, it may also be required that the articles be folded or stored in a specific manner and or location.
Punishment outfit - The Recipient is required to don a specific outfit which in some way emphasizes they are in trouble and about to be spanked. Outfits are often designed to make the Recipient appear childish, immature, or foolish. They can be anything from pajamas to undergarments, to a school uniform and often are modified to expose or enhance the buttocks.
The waiting period can be an effective disciplinary tool all by itself. When properly utilized, the Recipient will remain focused and apprehensive of their impending spanking all the while having ample time to consider their behavioral mistakes. The advantage gained by instituting a waiting period is very dependent upon the mindset of the Recipient and it is important for the Disciplinarian to know which techniques, words, and phrases will have the greatest impact on their Recipient’s state of mind.
For best results it is advised that Disciplinarians avoid giving the Recipient complicated or mind dulling tasks during the waiting period. The Recipient should be given very little to occupy their thoughts other than knowledge of what they will receive and why their conduct has required they receive it. Under these circumstances the anticipation factor will significantly improve the effect of the further disciplinary actions soon to be taken.


Paul said...

Ash, it is obvious that your personal experience is considerable.
Love and warm hugs,

sixofthebest said...

Ashley J. You are 100% perfectly right. For when a naughty lady has been told she is to receive a good spanking, her proceedures, are what you have prescribed. And without us much as a hesitation on her part. So when the master of the household, is ready to spank her naked rear end. Be it with a hand, or cane. He can proceed.

Ashley J said...

Paul, I've been on the wrong side of the discipline equation more times than I care to recall, but at least I learned something useful to share. LOL

Sixofthebest, It's good to know I'm not the only person to have ever had to wait for the more appropriate time. Of course if I did have to wait I would definitely vote for the hand over the cane.


Abel1234 said...

Great post; really evocative, and one that any good top should read.

I do always think that a scene which merely involves a whacking is something of a waste: the dynamic that results from the discussions and preparations beforehand makes the ensuing punishment so much more intense.

Ashley J said...

Abel, I completely agree. The interaction and activities preceding the spanking control the intensity of the spanking whenever it finally arrives.