Monday, October 18, 2010


Anyone who has ever gotten even a little bit of soap in their mouth knows exactly what I mean. The foul taste is often symbolic, if not ironic, in the course of mouthsoaping. It is definitely an old punishment, although certainly younger than spanking, and yet despite its effectiveness, it appears to be fading from use. The main reason is not so much that better methods have been discovered, but that in our modern understanding we have realized that ingesting soap can be more than a little hazardous to our health. As the point of punishment is to correct future behavior, it seems counter productive to risk eliminating someones future altogether.
Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but soap can be toxic and anyone who engages in mouthsoaping should first be aware of the risks.
Generally, mouthsoaping has been used to correct behavioral issues directly related to the mouth. That is to refer to things one might say, such as foul language, or talking back to one’s superiors. It also might be used in response to protruding tongues, rude faces, or silent mimicking. Undoubtedly, their exists other motivations to initiate mouthsoapings, but it is rare for the motivation not to involve something related to the recipient’s mouth.
There are many different methods for carrying out a mouthsoaping. Choices include the kind of soap, direct or indirect application, and the where and how of the procedure. The choice of what kind of soap is probably the most important.
Bar soap, once the most common selection, provides a large range of possibilities in the overall procedure. Liquid soap narrows the procedural choices to an extent, but provides greater control on the amount of soap used and therefore the amount that might be ingested.
When using liquid soap an indirect application is usually preferred although not a necessity. The most common way of indirect application is via a washcloth or a sponge that has been doused in soap and water. A rich lather is worked to the surface and the soapy cloth or sponge is then inserted into the mouth. Depending on preferences, the mouthsoaping may consist of repeated insertion and withdrawals or may include a prolonged insertion.
To increase the lasting taste of soap inside the mouth, the cloth or sponge may also be rubbed against the tongue, teeth, and cheeks, ensuring that the soap is spread through out the recipient’s mouth. At the conclusion the recipient is typically allowed to moderately rinse the surface soap from their mouth. The soapy taste usually remains for  a few hours after the application, but sweets, sodas, and toothpaste can go a long way toward eradicating it.
Users of bar soap typically prefer a direct application. The bar of soap is inserted into the mouth and can be withdrawn and reinserted as preferences demand. If desired, the soap can be rubbed along the tongue and interior cheeks, as well as against the teeth. Additionally the bar may be left in the mouth for an extended period, requiring the recipient to bite down into the bar. This act will ensure the  soap is transferred to the teeth themselves.
It is not uncommon for the recipient to be given corner time with the bar of soap in their mouth or even after the mouthsoaping and prior to rinsing. As with the liquid soap the procedure ends with rinsing the mouth, but the soap taste tends to be more long lasting with bar soap. Sometimes an occasional taste can show up days later. Good oral hygiene, consuming sweets and carbonated drinks can help in minimizing the long lasting taste.
Mouthsoapings are most often given in bathrooms and kitchens although any location will do, so long as soap and water are accessible. Procedurally, the recipient is required to cooperate, minimally by opening their mouth as instructed, or more completely by being required to carryout the entire procedure themselves.
Lectures often accompany the process, making certain the recipient connects action and effect. The recipients state of dress is not always altered for the mouthsoaping, but it is not uncommon to require tops removed to avoid staining with the inevitable soap drool. In some instances the recipient may be required to undress further, although this would typically indicate further disciplinary actions such as spanking.
All things considered, it is hard to argue the effectiveness of mouthsoaping. The connection between action and effect is enhanced by the close association of inflammatory oral infractions and the foul tasting punishment. Anyone who has ever tasted soap can affirm the horrendous taste and that even the shortest application leaves a lasting impression. Through avoidance of soaps that include perfumes and deodorants in their composition it is possible to minimize the risks associated with mouthsoaping and enjoy the benefits of a very effective disciplinary tool.


opsimath said...

Another carefully-researched and well-presented piece on another aspect of the Dominant/submissive life, for which many thanks.

I was so pleased you continued with this mini-series after your piece on corner-time and hope it might lead to further examinations of the tools available for would-be Dominants, along with suitable caveats as to their use.

Thank you for a most interesting article; I look forward to more in the same vein.

AL said...

another great well written story
I am liking this series of stories and can not wait for the next one what ever that will be
I also have to say Mouth-soaping is very affective and from what I have heard has long lasting effects...very affective to correct attitude too bad language
Thanks for the story

AL :)

Paul said...

Ash, an interesting article.
I was never as a child punished in that way and have never proscribed it to one of my wayward girls.
Love and warm hugs,

Ashley J said...

Opsimath, Nice to hear from you again. There are indeed many more of these to come over the next several weeks. I look forward to your thoughts on them.

Al, Mouthsoaping is effective, but I must say, having experienced it first hand, it is not a method I would overly encourage.

Paul, Be glad you avoided it. I've had more than enough experience for me, you and your wayward girls.


Sarah said...

very effective punishment, Mine mouth-soaping were normally accompanied by a good spanking etc and my mother always insisted on some undressing,if I was lucky to my underwear if I was unlucky naked. :-(


Anonymous said...

I have had my mouth washed out with soap by a teacher and a girlfriend of mine. My teacher made me stay after and she rubbed soap ikn my mouth for cursing at her in class. After 30min. I had to suck on it and it was embarassing my hot teacher standing in front of me with her sexy pantyhose on and dress. My mouth burned that whole night. Then an ex of mine tricked me and tied me up and put soap in my mouth. She rubbed it around for an hour almost then pushed it in and wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head and left me while she went out with her friends then she whipped me with her friends still in the car. She took the soap out and ductaped my mouth backup and left me tiedup for five hours with soap still stuck between my teeth. When she came back I got another spanking and had to smell her sweaty pantyhosed. Feet and suck her toes. I'm trying to get the balls to ask this hot russian girl alexandria from francesca's clothing store in the ocean county mall, nj. I will pay her to tie me up and I will smell her pantyhosed feet and she can wwash my mouth out with soap for as long as she wants. I will pay anything for alexandria to wash my mouth out with soap. Just thinking of her holding my chin and scrubbing a new wet bar of safeguard soap in my mouth makes me hard as hell.

Anonymous said...

I recently had my mouth washed out with soap by a girl Amanda. She is 16 and she was playing Tennis and i cursed at her when she missed a few balls. She slept over with my niece. Amanda is hot as hell and after Tennis they swam and i stole Amanda's socks she filled up with sweat. I grabbed them right after she took them off. I shot a load from her smelly socks.later that night i heard her say i can't find them. I was nervous because I'm 35 and I'd be embarrassed getting caught. At about 2am Amanda comes in my room and she found her socks by my pillow. I awake and i asked Amanda what's in your hand. She gets on top of me after she slid her pajamas off and she said i have a filthy mouth so Amanda shoved a wet bar of safeguard in my mouth. Amanda washed my mouth out with soap for about an hour.she rubbed and twisted it all around and pushed deep in my mouth as she dry humped me because she felt my hard on. Then she pulled both our pants off and put me in her and rode me hard. When i told her i had to cum she ductaped my mouth shut while i had soap in my mouth and she held her stinky socks over my nose andwhen she pinched my nose so i can't breathe i Cam deep inside Amanda. She kept fucking me til she made me cum again. Amanda made me smell her sexy feet while i swallowed the melting soap in my mouth. This was 6 days ago and I'm scared i got this girl pregnant. Amanda took the soap out after 3 hours

Anonymous said...

When i was in high school right before my 17th birthday i had a hot teacher miss Hansen who was in her mid twenties. All of us thought she was hot.always. looked hot in her dresses and heels and stockings. I slacked with homework all the time and she threatened to pull me off the Tennis team if i didn't straighten out. Like an idiot i told her to fuck off. The whole class couldn't believe i said that so she said i have to stay after for detention with her which made me miss practice. I show up and she has a seat facing the corner for me to face. I told her this is bullshit and she says i should have my mouth washed out with soap for my behavior. I slipped and said fat f Ingram chance. Miss Hansen left for 2minutes and came back with soap and.shetells me I'm getting my mouth washed out for cursing 3 times in one day and said if i.resist I'm off the team. She held the big bar of yellowish soap under water for a minute then made me kneel in front of her at her desk and shoved the soap in my mouth and turned the bar in my mouth over and over til the soap was stuck in my teeth. Then she made Mr stick my tongue out and wiped the bar on my tongue and i begged her to stop but she said i had another 30minutes. It burned so much and i was embarrassed as my hot teacher rubbed soap in and out of my mouth as if she did this before. She yelled at me and threatened to make me swallow the whole bar of soap but i was made to swallow the chunks of soap in my mouth.after twenty minutes she pushed the Soap in my mouth all the way and wrapped clear ductape over my mouth and around my head twice and i had to sit at.her feet while she did her lesson plans. Before she took the tape off and she asked me if i learned my lesson. I had tjr ductape taken off and she.pushed it in and out of my mouth really hard for a couple of minutes and she leaned my head back covered my mouth and made me swallow the melted soap and told me to straighten out and i got up.with soap drool on my shirt and she told me to fix my self because i had a hard on from miss Hansen punishing me. The next day she asked me how my mouth was and i told her she isn't funny and she said i we can do that again the next time I'm bad

Anonymous said...

I had my mouth washed out with some girl kim b. We got in an arguement and I called her everyname you can think of and I thought everything was fine. Well one day before we opened I got called into the bathroom and she is in the stall and I said are you decent. Kim says comehere real quick and I turn the corner and she says sit down on the toilet. I did and said what's going on. Kim says do u like your job and I said yes so she says you are going to have your mouth washed out for the other day. I said noway and she all of a sudden had a big yellow bar of safeguard and it was wet. She shoves the bar in my mouth and starts turning the bar over in my mouth, really hard. She was yelling at me saying suck and bitedown and this went on for 20 minutes. She wound up straddiling me because I tried to get up. I had to stick my toungue out and she wiped it along my tongue then after she saw that the soap was caked between my teeth she tilted my head back and squeezed my nose and covered my mouth and made me swallow all the soap in my mouth then she said if I curse again it will be worse and she said one more thing. She poured ajax antibacterial soap in my mouth and a lot and poured a little water in my mouth and made me swish it around and then I had to swallow it which was horrible. I never told anyone because its embarassing admitting that a good looking lady my age washed my mouth out with soap. I had it done again by her 2 months later and she did it harder and longer . Kim also taped my arms behind my back while she soaped my mouth. I no longer work there so I have nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

When I was about 20 I saw this lady who was about 45 and her name was mary smithbauer. I remember thinking how sexy she was and I got caught by her staring at her feet from outside her house. She just got home from work and flipped her heels off and I stared at her nude pantyhosed feet. Well she sees me and I froze and she said what r u doing? I said nothing. Mary smithbauer grabbed me by my wrist and drags me inside and said wait there. Mary comes back with a full roll of ductape and has me sit in this chair with wheels and she ductaped my wrist behind my back tightly then my ankles up and she said I'm calling the police after I explain myself. This whole time she did have her shoes back on. I told her I had a thing for pantyhosed feet. She sits in front of me then flips her heel off and makes me smell her sexy sweaty pantyhosed feet. They were so sweaty from work. Then she put her whole foot in my mouth and I sucked the sweat through her hose. Mary then said I need to be punished and I have a choice. Either call the police or get my mouth washed out with soap all nite. I begged her not to, but finally I gave in to the soap punishment mary smithbauer wheels me in front of the sink and first pours some liquid soap in my mouth and rubbed it around with a sponge. Then mary left and came back with a bar of zest. Mary ran it under water for a bit then shoved it in my mouth and washed my mouth out hard for about an hour as she yelled at me. I was forced to lick it , suck on it and bite down on it as she pushed it in and out to make my mouth soapy. It started to burn and tasted horrible. I won't lie, she looked sexy doing this. I was looking up at a lady I dreamed about as I'm tied up and having a bar of soap rubbed around my mouth. Then mary wets the soap more pushed it around more then jammed it in my mouth and wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head ten times, maybe more. I remember she taped my mouth shut so tight that it forced my teeth deep into the soap. I could also hardly breathe. She then brought me to her couch and I'm still taped up and I had to go across her knee and she counted 100 spankings and mary smithbauer pulled my pants down and spanked me as hard as she could and then she laughed at me because I had a full hardon and she said you actually like this don't you. Mary put me on the floor face up and I had to smell her sweaty pantyhosed feet while she folded clothes. She made sure to press them over my nose then she slid her pantyhose off and made me smell her bare feet and again I got made fun of because she kept my pants down. Then she took the tape off and rubbed the soap around for ten more min. Then let me rinse and said if I see you again on my property I will make you eat this bar and you will swallow a bottle of ajax. Mary untied me and said here's a gift and gave me her smelly pantyhose. My mluth burned from soap for the next day but I. Shot a load from thinking about mary smithbauer punishing me like that and I got to smell her sweaty pantyhosed feet while tied up. This is a true story and it was great besides all the soap I swallowed that night.

Anonymous said...

I met a guy who is sweet and treats me very good. But once in a while he gets mouthy and he called me a bitch in front of my friends. I warned him a few times that I wouldn't stand for that. Well one night he did it again and called me a bitch and the c word that all of us girls hate. I said I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap and your gonna be sorry.he laughed. Well about one week later we were at a very nice hotel and we were checking in the room and I dressed sexy for him. I had a silky pair of crotchless nude pantyhose and blk boots. And a short dress. I started making out with him and I turned him over after I had him get undressed , I said I want to have sex before dinner. After I pulled his underwear off I cuffed his wrist behind his back then he was like wwhat are you doing but I started tying his ankles up real tight. I got up and went in the bathroom and I had a bar of yellow safeguard soaking in the sink for ten minutes. I filled a glass with warm water and I turn him over and he saw the soap and said what are you doing, I first made him worship my feet that were in my boots since 6am in the morning.I made him smell and suck my pantyhosed feet then I straddled him and said I told u I was gonna soap your mouth and as soon as he said no please, I shoved it in his mouth and I made sure I got soap in every inch of his mouth. I scraped it against his teeth rdally hard then I put the soap in water for a second then I kept twisting and rubbing soap in and out of his mouth. It was so funny seeing him get a hardon from me soaping his mouth. I said crap I have to get ready for my dinner date. He tried to get loose, but I told him to bite the soap and I twisted the soap around to make his mouth real soapy then I pushed the soap in all the way and said close your mouth and I wrapped ductape over his mouth and around his head maybe 4 times then I turned him over and grabbed his belt and whipped him as hard as I could for 5 minutes. I felt bad because his butt turned beat red but I want to teach him. So I got him up strapped him to a chair. Then rolled the chair into the closet and I cracked the door so he could see my bed. I told him I had a big surprise. It was 8:30 and I kissed him goodbye and I said enjoy the soap. I went out to dinner with a hot guy I knew liked me. I went to dinner then I went out to a club dancing and we hooked up at the club. I was thinking how my boyfriend is enjoying the soap I jammed in his mouth. After this guy kissing me I decided screw it, I brought him back to the room. I asked him to comeup in 5 minutes so I can cleanup. I go up and I took my jacket off and I went up to my boyfriend and I said are u ok and he barely made a sound. I took my one boot off and said as I made him smell my sweat soaked pantyhosed feet that I have someone coming up here and I'm gonna have sex with him. He squirmed and was probably saying please, don't. I rubbed my other sweaty smelly foot over his nose and I. Said I hope you think twice before u go curse at me. Then I told him I need silence and I got the ductape and wrapped about ten more layers of ductape over his mouth and I said your choice , shake your head yes if u want to watch or no and ill close the sliding glass door. He shook yes then someone knocked on the door and I touched my boyfriends private and I saw him very excited. I shit the lights off and I put my boots on. I let this guy dennis in and we talked and we started making out then we went to the bed and I watched him take everything off and I slid my dress off and I slid my boots off and he liked my crotchless pantyhose. We start making out and then he went down on me and I peaked over at my bf and I. Saw him rockhard then I got on top and I sat on his face then I put him in me and rode him so hard and I made so much noise and I told him to keep it in and after an hour of sex. We had sex again a bit after that then I had him leave. Then I made my bf smell my feet more and slid my hose off and I put my bare toes overhis nose then soaped his mouth again.

Anonymous said...

When I was 12 I hurt a girl on the play ground with a rubber band that had bobby pins on two ends. I shot her in the butt. She screamed and the gym teacher came over and asked what had happened. They went inside and a few minutes later they came back out and confronted me, the gym teacher saying I really hurt the girl.

The gym teacher told me I was in big trouble and told me to come with her. I said no X;-- way. She grabbed my arm and marched me inside.

She took me to the assistant principal a large stern woman and told her what I had done and said.

I was told to come back after school. The assistant principal led me to a storage room with a chair in it and told me to sit there and wait while I could still sit. When she returned she was carrying a paddle and a bar of soap. She said she had spoken with my parents and they told her to deal with me as she saw fit.

She explained that she was going to wash my mouth and paddle me and that I would never forget this punishment. She sat down undid my pants and pulled them and my underpants down. Then paddled me several times. It hurt and when she stod me up I thought she was done paddling me. She pushed the soap into my mouth and rubbed it over my teeth and tongue. As I was gagging she yanked my back over her lap and paddled me until I was begging and crying. When she stood me up I didn't know which was worse the pain in my behind or the taste of the soap. She was right I never forgot it was 50 years ago

Anonymous said...

I recently got caught leaving a dirty note on a car of a lady i like.I used alot of dirty vulgar words in it. This girl Amy was inside working in the bank. At a certain point i got scared and went to go get the note back. All of a sudden i see her walking to her car. I got scared and i tried to get to the car 1st and she saw me grab the note and said what is that? Amy came up to me and took it from me and read it and she was in shock. I said its not mine. Amy said follow me snd and i did. She looked so hot in her knee hi boots and silky tan pantyhose & dress. I was brought inside her office and she said sit. Amy said i have 2 choices. either call the police or she will handle my punishment? I said please don't call the police. She said ok. I was left alone for 5 minutes and she came back and ductaped my arms behind my back tightly and my ankles. She had a bucket with water and she starts unwrapping a new bar of safeguard soap and dropped it in the water. Amy said im gonna wash your mouth out with soap for being a pervert. You said you wanted me to tie you up so i did and you love my feet in pantyhose? Amy unzipped a boot and put her sweaty pantyhose foot over my nose and mouth. I was so hard. She asked if i like? I said hell YES. She shoved her sweaty toes in my mouth and i sucked the sweat from her hose. Then she said its time to get punished. Amy grabbed the soap and shoved the soap in my mouth and scrubbed it around hard for 15 minutes. She made me bite down into the soap in lick it. A hot lady Mrs Collier walked in and said what is going on here? Amy let her read the note and she said what a filthy mind i have. Then Amy said can you take over for a few, so MrsCollier started twisting soap in my mouth and really making me eat the soap. I stared at her sexy legs in dark brown stockings. She pulled up her dress and showed me her thighhi stockings and garter belt. She said i see you stair at me and take pictures. I had the soap pushed in and she wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head a couple times. I was put on the floor after she pulled my pants and boxers off. Mrs Collier said she was impressed. i had her sweaty sexy stocking feet pressed to my nose. Instantly she saw me get rock hard as she made it ttough forme to breathe. Amy walked in and said Wow! I got put over her lap and spanked hard for 10. Amy got a belt and and whipped me hard. I bit deep into the soap as she whipped me. Mrs.Collier took the tape off after i smelled her sweaty feet more. Amy continues soaping my mouth and at this point i had soap rubbed around my mouth for 2 hours.. After she scrubbed my mouth out with soap she made me smell her sweaty pantyhose feet and suck hersweaty toes. Amy released me and said im gonna eatthe rest of the soap next week. I was given her sweaty smelly pantyhose she wore for 12 hours. Mrs. Collier have ME her worn stockings. I sucked both there toes after. I cam alot when i had Mrs Colliers foot in my mouth and Amy said next week im gonna get buried alive at the beach so water slowly goes over my head. they will soap my mouth and make me smell their sweaty sexy pantyhose feet. Soap will be ductaped in my mouth and pantyhose pulled over my head so i smell the foot part ofthe hhose..i will watch them stand in front of me then walk away as i drown.

Anonymous said...

Im glad to see im not the only guy who has had his mouth washed out with soap. A girlfriend of mine who went to the fashion institute in NYC got tired of my non-stop cursing at her and Not being a gentleman so i was warned a lot. Finally one morning i woke up and she said i thought we had a deal that if you cursed 3 more times id get soap. I said im sorry. WE argued then i cursed at her again . she got up and came back 5 minutes later. Christine had handcuffs and said turnover and she cuffed my wrists tightly behind my back then brought me in the bathroom and made me kneel before her. Christine had a new bar of safeguard soap soaking in the sink and grabs it and said open now. I was scared! Christine scrubbed soap in my mouth for 15 then she made me sit on the toilet for 30 minutes while she showered and got dressed. It sucked because her 2 room mates walked in and saw me with soap jammed in my mouth. Christine finally took out after she yelled at me and said please don't make me do this again. My mouth burned from almost eating a bar of safeguard. Christine washed my mouth out with soap 2 more times. one time she ductape my mouth shut with soap in my mouth and went out clubbing for 3 hours. that sucked

Anonymous said...

This is very embarrassing to admit but st the age of 35 i had my mouth washed out with soap by a very sexy lady Marie Tallard. She was a therapist next to my job. I always stared at her from the shop. Marie wore a dress or a business suit with tan pantyhose and heels or knee hi boots. One day she had tall leather boots a short dress and shiny nude pantyhose. she had them on from at least 9 am-7:30pm. i took a picture of her as she walked by to grab the mail. I told her in a note that i liked her in pantyhose and id do anything to smell her sweaty sexy pantyhose feet and suck her toes and some other perverted stuff. I put it in her doorhandle so she'd see it. I went in the back room and i knew she is due to leave and all of a sudden i see her headlights on and i got scared. i see marie tallard grabbing it and read it with her mouth wide open. I go out andssaid sorry Marie and she said get inside now. Marie looked so hot being mad. she says are you kidding you sicko. I should call the authorities now & i begged until she said your the only employee here right? i said yes. Marie said where is your tape and she has me lockup and she grabbed a roll of ductape and had me lie on a bed and taped my wrists tightly behind my back then my ankles. Marie made me smell her sweaty pantyhose feet. they were so sweaty and she said did you ever get soap in your mouth? She had her toes in my mouth and after i smelled both feet she went and got a bar of soap and wet it and she said you are gonna eat this bar. Marie Tallard grabs my chin and shoved the soap in my mouth and twisting and scrubbed soap in and out of my mouth. It tasted horrible but i couldn't believe she was in complete control of me. after 40 minutes marie pushed the soap in my mouth and wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head alot. She said I'll come here tomorrow morning and maybe let you go. I was so hard but scared that im gonna be tiedup all night. Marie made me smell her pantyhose feet more then peeled them off and i smelled her bare sweaty feet and toes then she put her sweaty pantyhose over my head and i had her footpart of the hose tied over my nose. they smelled and were wet from her footsweat. she said ok I'm leaving enjoyable the soap and my smelly pantyhose and left. I cam alot. i swallowed so much soap. i struggled breathing. Finally at 10 she showed up and had tan stockings on and before she untied me she whipped me in thigh hi stockings and made me smell her feet then she rode me hard and made me cum inside her then took the hose off and the soap came out. Marie Tallard said i hope you learned your lesson. she let me keep her pantyhose. I was warned that next time ut will be worse.

Anonymous said...

I very recently asked a girl i have been hanging out with to a concert. and we were going. I gave Jennie the tickets to hold. Well we got in a fight and she said she doesn't want me to go so i said ask someone else to go and the next day she tells me she already asked a guy and its final. I fipped out yelling at her and the day of the show i went to her house and i fought with her and she says lay down face down do i did and she gets rope and literally hogties me supertight so i couldn't move then she says i've been a big baby lately and i need to be punished. Jennie looked so sexy. She jut finished work and had tan pantyhose on and flats..Jennie said im now going and im staying tied up for a bit. Jennie goes and flips her shoe off and put her sweaty feet to my nose and it was so hot then she pushed her foot in my mouth. Jennie turned me over and did the same with the other foot. Then she slid her hose off and she put her foot in my mouth and said suck. Then she leaves and comes back with a new bar dripping. Jennie said oh yeah your eating this tonight. I said get the fuck out of here. Jennie shoves the soap in my mouth and started pushing it around. Jennie made me bite down into the soap ss she pushed and twisted it around. After 15 minutes she went and wetbit more and continued to wash my mouth out soap. After 20 minutes she got a call that he is on the way. Jennie wet it one more time and scrubbed every part of my mouth then got a roll of ductape and pushed the soap in all the way with her foot and wrapped tape over my mouth and around my head 5x supertight. it almost forced the soap down my throat. Jennie said you will eat this bar. Jennie gets ready and looked hot in short shorts and her smelly converse sneakers. After 30 minutes and her sitting there whipping me while waiting she says bye and made me smell her feet and she left me. I was so pissed she followed through. Jennie also tied her sweaty smelly pantyhose over my nose and pulled the crotch over my whole head to keep it secure. so i smelled her footsweat alnight. It sucked she came in with this guy and she made me smell her super sexy sweaty feet then tied her sneaker over my nose and she went and fucked this guy. I had to listen. An hr later he leaves and she said what a great show. She says goodnight and left me til 9am and my mouth burned from the soap. i got spanked first then she washed her feet with my soapy mouth and made me swallow the bar of soap and it was hot.

Anonymous said...

Jennie Krebs has been mad at me for cursing at her. i called her a cunt so she tied me up and rubbed a new bar of dial soap in my mouth until i ate the whole thing. She made sure i had soap between each tooth and kept wetting the soap. After i had to suck on liquid soap.