Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time For An Update, Really Really Time

It’s that time again. Okay, okay, maybe it’s a little past that time, but things have been going completely off schedule and against plans of late. Don’t worry it’s not an excuse. Alright, so maybe it is, but that’s entirely beside the point.
The point is, do any of you know where the summer went? I recall May, even the beginning of June and after that it’s all one giant blur. That’s short for saying a lot of stuff happened and I’m not going to whine about it on hear for everyone to ridicule and pick apart. I know, none of you would ever do something like that.
Obviously, I’ve fallen far behind in my projects and things have gotten so bad, I can’t even manage to get weekly updates here. Life’s a mess and I’m not a maid, French or otherwise, although that might be fun some time.... Where was I? Completely lost my train of thought. Oh, right!
I’m back in school. Not high school, for heaven’s sake, I left that life a long time ago. Well maybe not a long long time ago, but long enough. I mean all last year I was heading toward what I thought was the end of my college days and then somebody had to go and have a bright idea about graduate school. It sounded so nice, serene even, and then I went to my classes and discovered there was homework and group projects and reading and well school work. Can you believe it? I mean really, why call it grad school when it’s just plain and simple school?
Let’s just say I’ve got my hands full.
Anyway, the point, as I was getting to before I so rudely interrupted myself— Does that mean I should get a spanking?
So, the point is, I’m not going to be updating quite as often as I was. That is not to say, Imagine the Stories, will be sitting dormant and unused. I am working on a few things to get it back onto a track of weekly postings, story postings, but with my rather hectic schedule it will take a little, maybe a lot, of time.
In the meantime, I will post stories whenever I can manage to get one together that actually reads like something someone might be interested in reading. Yes, that’s right, in addition to being completely swamped with responsibilities unattached to my blog I’ve encountered a period in my writing where ideas are everywhere and good ones are nowhere to be found. Well, almost nowhere, there are a few hiding behind my ears, inside my nose, maybe between my teeth and almost certainly in the crevice just beneath my butt cheeks. Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit it sounds interesting if not entirely plausible.
The moral of this meandering, totally off blog post is this: I’ll post stories when they are good and ready and not a minute sooner.
Got it? Good.
Seriously speaking, I’m working hard to get my writing back on track and I will share many more stories with all of you wonderful readers, but it will take some time. So, please hang in there, check back often, and I promise I’ll have something worth your while posted just as soon as I can. I’d give you a date if I could. I can say it won’t be this week, it might be next week or it might take another week beyond that, just depending on how my schedule works out.
Until next time, hopefully long after I resume posting regular stories, I wish you all well. Thanks for reading, supporting and enjoying all my stories. More to come, I promise.



Paul said...

Ash, thanks for the update, real life can do that sometimes.
I'm sure that when you are ready, you will post somethimg well worth reading.
Love and warm hugs,

♠ace of spades said...

Thanks for the update. I'm sure most of can understand how it feels to be swamped. Good luck with your grad school work!

AL said...


Nice update thank you
oh and just to answer your questions my answer would begin with a Y
good luck with Grad school

François said...

Frustration, frustration

I was getting addicted to your stories
Maybe a little detox will do me good
But don’t let me suffer withdrawal symptoms for too long, please

(did I say you are probably the best spanking writer on the net at the moment? certainly the one I enjoy most reading)


Ashley J said...

Paul, I'm sure I'll have something before too long and in the meantime I put together a quick series of posts to keep everyone entertained while I get back on track with my stories.

Ace, It's never fun getting swamped, but I imagine just about everyone gets a taste from time to time. Thanks.

Al, those questions were rhetorical, but nice try. LOL

François, Sorry for the break and the forced detox, but it was an unfortunate necessity to maintain my sanity. I promise there will be more coming. Thanks for the encouragement and support.