Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Messy Kitchen

Uh-oh! Somebody left a mess.
The culprit has been found and dragged, almost kicking & screaming, to the scene of the crime.
Lucky girl! She gets to see the exact reason why her brush is smacking her backside while it's smacking her backside. The only thing confusing her is why she left the mess in the first place.
After exposing a little more cheek and moving her to a more spacious part of the counter, he really gets down to business. The brush is spanking so fast it's barely more than a blur to the naked eye, though I'll wager it's a bit more than that to her naked butt.
Time to clean up the mess, but just to make sure she remembers why she is doing it, her red bottom is left exposed. I bet she hopes no one else stops by the kitchen for a snack or a drink anytime soon!
Cleaning up sure would be easier to do if her bottom wasn't throbbing and making her dance around.


AL said...


Excellent photo set and Arrangement.
Good little descriptions too.
She sure would be blushing from top to bottom if any of her friends stopped by to say Hi... LOL.
Like this little addition to your weekly posting. Thanks
AL :)

Paul said...

Ash, nice picture set, unusual for you.
Love and warm hugd,