Friday, August 24, 2012

Time For An Update

Well it’s been awhile. I thought maybe you would like an update. More likely, you would like more story being posted today. I could have done that. I do actually have a rather lengthy segment continuing The Pickett Family mostly finished, it just needs some proofreading and maybe a little editing. But writing a little update takes less time and time can be scarce lately. Besides, I like to keep you informed on what all is going on and what you can expect here on Imagine the Stories.
Summer is almost over. I’ve been working hard, attended two summer sessions at school (trying to get back on track because I had to drop a semester last year) and of course I’ve been doing a bit of writing work. My old computer couldn’t keep up anymore so I built myself a new one, reusing some components of the old but now I’ve got one of the latest Intel chips powering everything on a new logic board. That was quite the experience, putting all the components together, particularly securing the processor into its slot on the logic board, I cringed at the noise that thing made and I was certain it had to be bad news, but when I plugged it in everything worked perfect. I’m rather proud of myself over that accomplishment. Yep, I’m patting myself on the back.
After the coming weekend, I’m back in school having only had this week off. I knew there was no rest for the wicked, but since when did wicked include naughty? Obviously my scarce time situation isn’t improving. I haven’t even been able to catch up on all my emails this week, which by the way, I’m sorry if I owe you one and haven’t gotten it out yet, but I will get there. Anyway, that brings me to my yearlong problem of getting content ready and posted here.
I’d post pictures, but let’s face it, if you’re into the pictures, you’ve seen everything I could find to share. My latest and greatest idea is to go retro. Yep that’s right, big-hair SPANKING! I hope you’re laughing, cause I am and I am most certainly not serious, at least on the big-hair spanking. No, what I mean by retro is when I first started Imagine the Stories I wrote short stories with limited characters and straightforward focus. I migrated from those into these more complicated and lengthier stories like The Pickett Family and The Winter Storm.
I love writing complicated stories. The characters come alive, the decisions they face take on meaning, and the spanking scenes can evoke true emotion. I don’t intend to stop writing longer, more complicated spanking fiction, I am in fact working on such a story that I hope to conclude sometime in September, but I don’t expect I’ll be sharing those types of stories here for the immediate future. Instead, I’m going to focus on providing quality short stories of various situations that will mostly consist of just one post telling the story from beginning to end. For the longer works, I’m going to be publishing them as ebooks on LULU and possibly elsewhere if I can figure out the process easily enough.
That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks and I’ll make adjustments as needed, but I’m going to do my best to keep a much more regular posting schedule with those short stories.


Paul said...

it's good to see you again, I thought that you might be busy, that is not to that I haven't missed you, because I have.
Congratulations on building your computer, I have a new hand-built one every three years or so.
I hope when you publish your stories you will include Amazon.
I have the latest Kindle, a lovely piece of kit.
Love and warm hugs,

Ashley J said...

Paul, Thanks. I'm working toward getting things published with Amazon and hope I'll be able have a Kindle version as well as standard epub versions, a nook version, an iPad version and the old standby PDF version. I might even make a paperback version available, but that will take a little more time than the various digital formats.


Vlad said...

Thanks for a long overdue update, and confirming that your long,silence was just workload. Please get that Pickett story out soon, we have been left hanging too long. Short vignettes does sound more manageable than long form so I look forward to seeing your first efforts. You have a real touch with family discipline stories and I'm glad you are back at it.

Ashley J said...

Vlad, You're welcome. I've been holding the Pickett story back for a bit because I'm debating directions with the story and I don't want to lock myself into a path until I'm sure about it. As soon as I've got my direction figured out, I'll wrap up the pending part and post it. In the meantime, I'll just have to ask for a little more patience which everyone has been great about over the last year. I'm looking to be a little more regular in posting new stuff, so that should help with the wait. Thanks.


AL said...


Thanks for the update. looking forward to more of the stories you got planned.
oh and the big-hair spanking line was hilarious.
and yeah not sure wicked included naughty lol
Al :)

Ashley J said...

Al, You're welcome. I won't keep you waiting too long. Check back Friday and I should have something for you. Glad you enjoyed my attempts at humor. Thanks.