Monday, March 5, 2012

The Discipline Interface Tempometer

    • Features
      • Interacts with company employment and discipline records
      • Establishes a duration for disciplines such as spanking, corner time, etc.
      • Swings a pendulum, (silent or ticking as selected by the user) for the duration
      • Insures fair and policy driven corporal punishment
    • Directions for Use
      • Set the D.I.T. on a desktop or other flat, stable surface
      • Press right thumb on the thumbprint scanner
      • The D.I.T. will confirm management authorization with HR records and ask for the full name of the employee to be disciplined.
      • When prompted, the employee to be disciplined must place their right thumb on the thumbprint scanner.
      • The D.I.T. will confirm the employee’s thumbprint matches HR records on file for the name given by the manager. (In the event the name and thumbprint do not match, security will be notified.)
      • After identification verification, the D.I.T. will request information on the employee’s infraction of company policy.
      • The D.I.T. will access the company’s corporate policies and in combination with the employee’s discipline records, it will recommend a discipline, implement (when appropriate), and a duration.
      • The Manager may (if given sufficient authorization by the employer) adjust the discipline, implement, and duration according to their preferences. (Such changes will be recorded and monitored for unfair practices.)
      • The Manager will notify the D.I.T verbally when ready to begin the discipline and the D.I.T. will verbally count down 5 seconds before beginning to swing the pendulum for the accepted duration.
      • The D.I.T. will stop swinging the pendulum and verbally announce the discipline duration has ended at the appropriate time and ask the manager to confirm the discipline has been administered according to company policy.
      • After the manager’s verbal confirmation, the D.I.T. will record the discipline in the employee’s permanent discipline record with the HR department and shut down.


fatherjim said...

Got to wonder if such a device could be adjusted for personal home use to monitor self-help, like exercise regimines or diets, etc.?

Love the concept. To my knowledge Japan may be the only country where dicipline at work is a staple. A law was passed in the 1990's , however, that finally made it illegal for bosses to discipline their female underlings. They could, however, get a female to do it for them as I understood the law!

Thanks for sharing!


AL said...

Hi Ash

yeah I wonder the same thing if it could be modified for home use, That was a brilliant idea you came up with I like how your mind works ;). I am not quite sure where you come up with these great ideas (discipline ideas) but all your ideas make your stories a magnificent read
Thanks AL :)

Vlad said...

This seems like something the Bennetts from "The Winter Storm" would think up. That is family worth another tale or two, as long as it doesn't distract you from the Picketts and the Jade Runner.

Paul said...

taitedAsh, very ingenious.
Love and warm hugs,

wallace2williams said...

Ashley: We miss you. Let us know that you're OK and just busy. Busy writing more fantastic stories I hope.