Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Pickett Family Holiday, Part 07

Stephanie faced her father, hands nursing her well-spanked buttocks. Her eyes focused on the basket holding her clothing on top of the workbench just beyond her father. It would be so easy to take the few steps to the bench and get dressed. Her legs trembled with the desire to take those steps, but defying her father more than she already had seemed a bad idea. She forced her gaze from the basket to her father’s disappointed face and braced herself for another lecture.
Dad said, “Your mother has informed me she does not need your assistance in the kitchen today.”
“I can spend the day in my room,” Stephanie said. She doubted the suggestion would go anywhere, but there was no harm in offering it.
The hint of a smile slipped onto his lips before he could hide it within the mask of sternness he was trying to display. “I’m sure you’d like that,” he said, “but I have other plans for you.”
She dropped her gaze from his face and shrugged. Her bare toes came directly into her line of sight and then her exposed nipples and naked legs. A fresh pulse of embarrassment washed over her body, pumping more hot blood into her cheeks. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and concentrated on massaging the sting and fire out of her buttocks.
Dad made a show of looking at his wrist watch. “We’ve got about six hours before dinner will be on the table. I figure that’s plenty of time for you to rake up the leaves in the yard, shovel them into the green bin, clean out the empty wood stack on the porch, fill it up with the wood I cut this morning, and sweep off the porch when you’re done.”
Stephanie’s jaw dropped. Her eyes opened wide, staring into her father’s face, and fresh tears pooled just shy of spilling out onto her damp cheeks. “That’ll take all afternoon.”
Dad folded his arms across his chest and nodded.
“I’m naked,” she said.
He nodded.
She stomped her foot on the wood floor and immediately regretted the choice, feeling the sharp poke of a small grain of hard dirt into the bottom of her foot. “Someone might see me!”
He said, “Maybe you’ll remember this the next time you think about deliberately defying the rules around here.”
Her eyes narrowed and a hint of anger colored her cheeks. “I’m not going out there like this,” she said. “If you think I am, you’re fucking nuts.”
The sternness disappeared from his face and a large smile grew on his lips. He laughed. “I’m not a chipmunk.”
Stephanie blushed, realizing he was teasing her. “I’m not joking,” she said. A slight smile turned the corners of her lips upward as she shook her head at the ground and contained the laughter that might have otherwise slipped out. The situation was far from funny, her bottom still stung and undoubtedly glowed like a stoplight, but her father wasn’t angry and that was a good thing.
“Relax,” Dad said. “Todd’s bringing you one of your mother’s aprons from the kitchen and you can wear that while you’re doing your chores. As long as you do a good job and finish in the next six hours, you can get dressed for dinner.”
Stephanie parked her hands on her hips, momentarily forgetting her nudity. “And if I don’t?”
The sternness came back to his face. “Do a bad job or waste time and you’ll be getting another dose of my strap and standing in the corner while the rest of us eat. Is that understood?”
Stephanie looked up into his face. The smiles were gone on both of their faces. She nodded slowly, her narrow eyes conveying her dislike for his terms. “Yes,” she said.
“Good,” he said, nodding his head at her, “cause I’m not joking either.”
The sound of approaching footsteps pulled Stephanie’s attention away from her father. Awareness of her nudity returned and her hands moved from their place on her hips to snake across her body attempting to cover her crotch and breasts as best she could. She turned her back toward the door and looked over her shoulder, waiting with held breath to see the owner of the footsteps.
Todd entered the shed with apron in hand. His gaze immediately drifted toward Stephanie’s spanked buttocks. He whistled. “Those look hot enough to start a fire,” he said and shook the apron in the air for Stephanie and her father to see. “I think this thing might be flammable. We should probably wait a little bit before letting her put it on.”
Stephanie rolled her eyes. “It’s made for kitchen use.”
Todd’s eyebrows shot up. “So?”
“So,” she said, “it’s not flammable.”
“I’m not so sure,” Todd said. The grin on his face betrayed the seriousness his voice attempted to convey.
Stephanie reached out with her left hand, avoiding turning to expose any more of herself to his view than was necessary. “Give it to me.”
Todd unfolded the apron and hung it by the neck strap from his fingers just out of Stephanie’s reach. He studied the apron from the back, tilting his head from side to side and making humming sounds. “Well it is an open back design.”
She huffed and stomped a foot on the wood floor. “Give it to me.”
Todd looked to Charles. “It almost sounds like she’s asking for another spanking.”
Stephanie glanced at her father in time to see him nodding agreement. She shook her head and forgot about modesty. Her eyes sprang open wide and her hands shot to protect her butt. She pivoted away from facing the wall and walked backwards until the shed’s far wall kept her from getting any farther from the two men.
Dad said, “You would think a young lady in her position would remember her manners.”
Todd nodded and turned himself to look straight on at Stephanie. His eyes wandered over her naked front. He smiled making his enjoyment of the view obvious. “Now that’s an idea,” he said.
Stephanie blushed from head to toe. His teasing had been deliberate. She’d done exactly what he expected, given him the show he wanted. And apparently he wasn’t finished teasing. She moved her arms and hands back to cover her nakedness though she knew it was too little too late. “What?” she asked, not certain she wanted to know what else he was thinking.
Todd said, “I think if you want to wear this apron to do your chores, you should ask me politely.”
Stephanie glared at him. If there had been anything handy to throw, she would have thrown it.
Todd chuckled as if reading her thoughts. “If you’d rather do your chores in the buff, I don’t think anyone would stop you.”
Stephanie glanced at her father. His arms were folded across his chest again and he showed no signs of disagreeing with Todd. She looked outside the shed, reminding herself that the neighbors were not so far away. The distant murmur of voices from the neighborhood carried on the breeze. It irked her to let Todd win his childish game, but the consequences of losing were too humiliating for her to risk.
“May I please have the apron?” she asked.
Todd laughed and stepped closer to her with the apron held out in her direction. “Why yes, you may,” he said.
She took it without a word. The apron had the same autumn leaf design as she’d seen her mother and Amanda wearing in the kitchen, not the sort of thing she’d normally choose, but under the circumstances it was infinitely better than the alternative of nothing. It required less than a minute to don the flimsy garment. She tied the string in the back as tight as she could, doing her best to allow the backless garment to cover as much of her naked skin as possible. Still, she could feel the cool air caressing her bare back and buttocks, not to mention her legs and arms.
Her father took a wood handled rake with dark green tongs down from its place on the shed’s wall. He held it out to her. She stared at the handle, contemplating what she would like to do with the tool. Her father tapped the tongs on the floor. She pushed aside her inappropriate daydreams and took the rake from him. He stepped closer, laying his calloused hand on her shoulder and gently turning her toward the exit. They stepped outside together. She stopped walking only three feet outside of the shed and glared at the leaves on the ground as if they were to blame for all her troubles.
The swat of her father’s open palm against her tender, bare butt interrupted her moment of self-pity. She sprung into the air, dropping the rake and grabbing behind her to block any additional swats and massage away the new sting imparted by the single swat. “Ow!” she exclaimed and turned her head sharply toward her father.
Her father met her gaze with unwavering sternness and a wagging index finger. Any further protest she might have made slipped away into silence. She turned away, bit her lip and knelt down to retrieve the fallen rake. The swat had made her painfully aware of her rear exposure, but the way her butt pushed past the hemmed edges of the apron as she bent made it all the more pronounced in her mind. Her face flushed red.
“Don’t dally,” he said and walked away with Todd toward the house.
When they were out of earshot she turned her attention to the yard full of fallen leaves surrounding her. The sun shined bright, sitting near on straight overhead casting few shadows, but the way the light streamed through the barren branches it seemed to sparkle on the fluttering leaves. A gust rustled the leaves and sent them rolling across the grass while bringing a few new ones down from above.
“How the hell am I going to finish this in six hours?” she asked.


♠ace of spades said...

Doesn't seem like that spanking broke Stephanie of her stubborn streak. She obviously has an understanding father though, considering he was willing to give her that apron, which was totally undeserved in my opinion.

Still, I'm looking forward to reading about how she handles her chores. I bet a movie based on her "6 Hours" would do a lot better in theaters than James Franco's "127 Hours".

fatherjim said...

Spanked, no-strapped, in front of her brother-in-law and then forced to stand nude before him and ask for an apron? Oh the humiliation. Less would kill a weaker gal! She must have one thick-head to match her thick skin!

Then to work, almost nude, her reddened fanny out for anyone to gaze upon that travels by!

Wickedly entertaining! Deviously crafty!

Thanks for sharing!


wallace2williams said...

I have to agree with the others! Stephanie is one amazing girl and her dad is letting her off easy after her obscene outburst. I can't help but think she is in for some more punishment before this day is over.

Great episode Ashley. You leave us hungry for more.

Thanks for these great stories. I recently became acquainted with April and Becky and the Winter Storm family. What great stuff. Thanks for some of the best of the genre anywhere!


Ashley J said...

Ace, I'm sure that apron, while protecting Steph's modesty, is far less than she'd prefer to be wearing while doing outdoor chores. And I have to agree, six hours of watching her do chores would be much more entertaining, and that's without popcorn or a soda.

Jim, I have it on good authority that humiliating life experiences are almost never fatal and are in fact supposed to strengthen one's character. I suppose Steph has suffered through enough of them to weather them like a pro.

Bill, I'm quite certain Steph's day has yet to come to an end and in fact I'm working on more of her misadventure already. Glad you're enjoying the archives.


Paul said...

Ash, I believe Stephanie will survive this ordeal, she'll probably be re-stoked before this holiday is finished.
I hope that your health is improving, this is a bad time of year to be ill.
Love and warm hugs,

Vlad said...

I'm glad to see you back in action and continuing Stephanie's ordeal. The apron scene was exquisitely humiliating, and a bit of a surprise since I fully expected her to have to work nude. Right about now Stephanie's blush could probably meet FAA standards for aircraft warning beacons.
BTW, if you ever rewrite this chapter, the teeth on the working end of a rake are called tines, not tongs.

AL said...


very good story so far
like the way stephanie and her father go back and forth
like the teasing her father did in lighthearted way
also like the thoughts and reactions of stephanie after her discipline. you did a good job on describing everything
thanks for the story
Al :)

Ashley J said...

Paul, I'm sure Steph will survive and if doctors are to be believed, I will survive as well. Actually, I'm feeling pretty good right at the moment, but I'm swamped with things I've gotten behind on. Hopefully, I'll get things back on track by the end of the month.

Vlad, I'm glad I can keep you guessing. And thanks for the info, I had a feeling I had it wrong, but unlike spanking, I don't have tons of experience using a rake.

Al, Nice to hear from you again. I'm pleased you're enjoying the story so far and rest assured, there is more coming soon.


Michael said...

Hi Ashley,

I haven't been around in a while and am catching up with "The Jade Runner" and your newest, "The Pickett Family Holiday." Just finished Part 7 and am really enjoying the trials and tribulations of Stephanie. She certainly has an attitude and deserves her punishment, especially the public humiliation which really pushes my buttons. But that Todd is a real stinker and takes too much of an advantage, especially when he doesn't have the balls to punish his own wife, and I hope he has some kind of comeuppance in the form of a good telling off from someone, especially from his father-in-law. But that is a minor consideration as I am dying to see what is next in store for Stephanie. Onward to Part 8. :-)