Monday, November 1, 2010

Writing Lines

There is probably nothing more effective for teaching than repetition. In this way, writing lines can be one of the best tools in a disciplinarian’s arsenal. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other disciplinary tools, depending of the severity of the behavior problem and the preferences of the disciplinarian. For best effect, the written line should be reflective of the bad behavior, either in a positive or negative light.
Before assigning lines, the disciplinarian should carefully think out the process and decide the parameters they wish to observe. There are many options available from determining the text to be written, to how many times it will be repeated, to the style of penmanship permitted. The recipient should be fully aware of all expectations before they begin.
The biggest downside to lines is the amount of time it consumes. The disciplinarian must be prepared to monitor the work of the recipient during the process and review it at the conclusion. Depending on the number of lines settled upon, the process easily takes two or more hours. As long as the time is available, the punishment is viable, but if there are other demands on time, then it may be best to seek out an alternative punishment.
Once the appropriate text has been selected and the quantity of repetitions selected, a standard for the legibility of the handwriting should be established as well as an acceptable margin for errors. In most cases, errors are not permitted at all, while the quality of the handwriting is expected to diminish over the course of the work so long as it remains legible.
It is common to have established repercussion for errors and illegible handwriting. Those repercussions can be anything, but typically involve re-writing the line at least one additional time and potentially can include other discipline such as a spanking or hand punishment.
The recipient is usually given a place to write with little in the way of distractions; Away from televisions and radios. Workspace at a table or small desk with a hard backed chair is quite common. They may be required to turn in each page as it is completed or wait until the entire assignment is complete. Either way, they are expected to continue working without interruption until the entire set is complete. Discipline for errors is typically put off until the end, but can also be given throughout the process as errors are identified.
No modifications to the attire are necessary, but some disciplinarians find it appropriate to have the recipient writing lines while bare bottomed. This is particularly true if spanking accompanies the assignment for either errors or for additional discipline. In the end, there is little doubt that the recipient is well aware of what they did and why they were punished, making writing lines a very effective disciplinary tool.


hedgehog said...

Thank you for continuing with this mini-series on correction methods for unruly submissives; you have researched and written them extremely well, and although I have never myself slapped a submissive's face nor punished her hands, I can see a lot in them that is useful and salutary.

I have often set lines as a punishment, sometimes giving the submissive blank A$ sheet on which she must first rule the lines before starting work.

I insist that lines are grouped in tens and numbered in a different colour of ink, as are the margins I require. I usually accept two minor mistakes per page, providing they are accompanied by unspoilt lines to the same number; more than two mistakes results in the whole page being discounted.

Naturally, any punishment of this kind is in addition to the submissive's other duties and responsibilities, and must be completed in her own time, whatever that may be, even if it means her missing out on her rest or recreation time.

It is a fine, traditional punishment that focuses the mind wonderfully well; thank you for discussing it with us.

AL said...

another great story
Lines are a good form of discipline
in my opinion it also makes the one writing them think about there misdeed and what to do to improve.
Think writing lines works good with a sore backside.
Thanks for the story it was very informing and well written

Paul said...

Ash, I have had great success with lines.
The good thing about lines is that it blends seamlessly with other forms of punishment, such as spanking and corner-time.
Any combination works well.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Back to the stories please? I like your stories and the idea of nudity after. Will be waiting.

François said...

I love this series. The falsely detached tone is used with great skills to spur the reader’s imagination. Do give us more. There are many aspects of discipline, and I am sure you could write a 3-volume encyclopaedia, which would captivate your fans. A comparative analysis of implements, and how best to position a spankee given the job to be performed on her would be necessary entries. There are others, like dealing with a spankee, who can’t keep in position.

A less obvious one is the presence of witnesses. They add to the embarrassment of a punishment, and therefore should be welcome, but witnesses have their specificities. I can think of the mother’s best friend, who shows unwanted condescending sympathy to the young lady awaiting her fate; the experienced relative, who gives the spanker detailed advice during the process; the uncle, who is an old pervert; the neighbours, who will forever greet the punished girl with little smirks, or allusions about what they saw; the boyfriend, whose presence may be so awful as to cause plans of suicide, or be comforting, or even erotic, and in any case the prelude to emotional discussions the following days; and also younger boys. I would think that for a woman the presence of younger boys witnessing her spanking must be the most humiliating experience. I think I know why this is, but I would like to hear it from a woman.


Ashley J said...

Hedgehog, I thought this would be a nice change of pace, although I admit I had planned to intersperse these articles with stories so as to mix things up a bit. Unfortunately, my time has been at a premium lately and all I've been able to do is post things I wrote in advance. Thanks for sharing your method on writing lines.

Al, although I've never found anything enjoyable about writing lines (and I really do love to write), the discipline is probably one of the most effective ways to make someone really think about their actions.

Paul, I have to agree, it does work well.

Anon, I will try to get some stories finished soon and start mixing them in with these articles. Thanks for reading.

François, You'll be pleased to know this is only the beginning of the series and I have many more to come some of which you mention and although I didn't originally put anything in about witnesses, I like the idea and as long you don't object I think I'll add that to my series. It should make for an interesting article.


Anonymous said...

Line-writing assignments are a powerful tool in a Mistress's arsenal. They are an effective way of instilling corrective behavior, keeping a slave's devotional attentions actively focused for extended periods, and are an all-too effortless way for Mistress to exercise Her dominance and sadistic whims. All this without Her having to raise a finger. A writing instruction that will take Mistress only seconds to assign will keep a slave painstakingly riveted for hours and hours on end. Is there any gesture of authority more potent? Mistress Deb latched onto the idea of giving written assignments early in our relationship. It began rather humbly with line writing tasks with 20 repetitions, and soon flowered into an expanded part of my submissive devotion. The assignments fell into three categories: 1) reinforcing new instructions (50 to 200 repetitions); 2) punishment for transgressions (500 to 1500 repetitions); 3) devotional time-fillers. The number of repetitions for each category and each instance vary widely depending on Mistress's discretion. Not a day passes when I do not have an ongoing written assignment in preparation for Mistress Deb, whose shelved collection of such submissions remains intimidatingly large and ever expanding.