Monday, October 29, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 027

Margaret Lange

The remaining girls introduced themselves without incident. There was Gillian Shafer, a 19 year old brunette who looked even younger due to her rather short stature. She, like me, was assigned to Tanzanite House. Her sentence was seven years for grand theft auto. Tamara Boles, a 25 year old, tall, average built woman with black hair and ebony skin was assigned to Citrine House. Her crime was vandalism resulting in a 3 year stay at the Institute. There was Sophia Lamar, a 22 year old, redhead with sparkling green eyes and an impressive athletic form with ample, if not abundant curvature. She was convicted of petty theft and sentenced to 2 years residing in Peridot House. Next, was an 18 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed girl of average body type, curvy and well proportioned, named Misty Hauser. She was assigned to Peridot House for a three year stint over a case of breaking and entering into the administration building of her former high school. It sounded a lot like a prank gone wrong, but apparently the school district had a zero tolerance policy and a district attorney that backed it up. Evelyn Davenport was the oldest in the room at 28. She was a fairly tall brunette with a lithe, well-toned form. Her crime was assaulting a police officer which resulted in a three year sentence with her assigned to Ruby House. Last, there was Willow Singh, a 27 year old asian woman with a gymnasts’ build. Assigned to Sapphire House, she was sentenced to two years for contempt of court.
Mrs. Rosecliff removed the two tongue tawse from its hook beside the door, grabbed Rhonda from her place in the line and dragged her to the same spot we had all introduced ourselves from, only this time Rhonda was naked save for her socks and shoes and her bare butt was facing the rest of us rather than her angry face. The tip of the tawse pointed at Rhonda’s shoes. Mrs. Rosecliff said, “Bend down and touch your toes.”
Rhonda’s head turned in Mrs. Rosecliff’s direction. “And what if I don’t, Mrs. Rosecliff?”
Mrs. Rosecliff’s eyes seemed to sparkle with delight. A smile, devilish and dangerous, formed on her pink lips. “Then you’ll find out that the punishment for resisting punishment is far worse than taking what you’re due. I’ll give you to the count of three to decide which punishment you prefer. If you’re not touching your toes, things will get a lot worse for you, but it’s really your decision.”
They stared at each other. Mrs. Rosecliff’s smile seemed to grow by the second. She said, “One.”
Rhonda huffed. I could see a slight frown on her face.
Rhonda faced forward and bent down, stretching her fingers out until they brushed the tops of her shoes. Her brown hair dangled on the floor and her cheeks turned rosy as she stared at the line of us girls from between her legs. I felt awkward looking back at her, especially given her exposure, naked buttocks, slightly parted, vulva protruding and of course her breasts hanging toward her neck with stiff nipples. The only way to not look was to close my eyes and something told me that closing my eyes in front of Mrs. Rosecliff could result in sharing Rhonda’s embarrassment in a much more personal and interactive manner. It was a possibility I preferred avoiding, though I realized embarrassing spankings and other punishments were a fact of life at Rosecliff.
Mrs. Rosecliff took up a proper position behind and to the side of Rhonda. She lashed the tawse down on Rhonda’s pale buttocks the promised total of 22 times, turning the fair-colored skin a bright, hot red. Each stroke was accompanied by a dullish thud and snap. Rhonda counted aloud, cried, sniffled, yelped and moaned throughout the ordeal. The last strokes were clearly the worst, aimed at the upper thighs, just beneath the buttocks. Rhonda nearly howled through them.
After the spanking, Mrs. Rosecliff retrieved a bar of soap from her desk at the front of the room. She wet it in the classroom sink, mounted on the front wall, near the left corner of the room. Rhonda was made to face us, given the bar of soap and instructed to insert it into her own mouth, massaging it around her tongue, teeth and cheeks. White soapy drool ran from the corners of her mouth. Mrs. Rosecliff instructed her to fully insert the bar in her mouth, clamp down on it with her teeth and stand in the corner facing the classroom for the remainder of the class time. It was probably only about ten minutes, but I rather imagine it seemed an eternity to the crying Rhonda.


Vlad said...

Nice work with the punishment description. The mouthsoaping and the tawse are new twists. I don't know how quickly Rhonda will get the message but Margaret seems to have figured out how to minimize her punishments.
Personally I like the adjuncts like mouthsoaping and cornertime even more than spanking so roll on the humiliations.

Anonymous said...

Roll on the humiliations indeed Ash. Pleased to see we have a 28 year old incarcerated at Rosecliff. Hopefully some older girls are present as girls of 30, 40 and 50 find themselves on the wrong side of the law and must be punished. Always amusing when one of these older girls finds herself under the authority of someone younger than her own children and is broken in front of others.

As a lad I had the pleasure of being present when an older girl had her mouth washed out with soap by her mom. Quite interesting from my perspective.

Paul said...

I've never been too into the humiliation side of punishments, though I do understand it's usefulness at times.
I note that your female tops use it much more then the men.
I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Mrs. Rosecliff.
Love and warm hugs,

Ashley J said...

Vlad, Thanks. I'm sure Rhonda will catch on. Margaret is definitely ahead of the curve.

Anonymous, I thought a place like Rosecliff would definitely have a range of ages but I'm afraid I capped the intake age at 30 so the only women older than that will be teachers. Of course being a teacher at Rosecliff doesn't offer much protection against punishments.

Paul, When it comes to institutions, shame often seems to be as important if not more so than the physical discomforts of punishment. I think women are probably a little better at making use of embarrassment than men, not that they don't both use it to their advantage at times. Of course, that's just my personal opinion.