Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 014

Abigail Hastings

Ms. Scarlet Watts stood, hands on head, in the corner. Her bright red butt displayed the effects of Dean Rosecliff’s spanking for all the girls of Tanzanite House gathered in the common room. Ms. Chambers had turned on the television for the evening relaxation time, but I don’t think any of the girls watched it. Games, socializing, whispering about the day’s events were all far more entertaining. It’s not often for one day to see both a teacher and a monitor punished and stripped to their bare skin for days to come.
At 9:15PM, Ms. Chambers stepped in front of the television and softly rang her dainty handbell. When all the girls were silent and attentive, she stopped ringing the bell and said, “Margaret Lange, Mr. Mason has finished collecting your order and it is ready to be taken up to your room.”
Margaret had spent the entire evening standing against the wall. She nodded her head in Ms. Chambers direction and said, “Yes, Miss.”
Ms. Chambers looked to the rest of us. “Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to assist Margaret?”
An excuse to see Sean and get out of the common room early? I raised my hand without a second’s reservation. “I will, Miss.”
Ms. Chambers nodded her approval.
Margaret and I moved to the back of the common room and entered the shop. Sean waited behind his counter, smiling. He looked cute in his smugness, especially those piercing green eyes. I could melt staring into those eyes. It didn’t even bother me that he couldn’t ever seem to comb his hair. The tangled mess of blond hair was just him.
He tapped the top of the white laundry basket sitting on the counter. It was filled with most of Margaret’s supplies. “Between this and the hamper, I’ve collected all your supplies for easy transport. You just need to sign for them and take them up to your room.”
Margaret stepped up to the counter and signed his datapad with the plastic pen. “Thank you, Sir,” she said laying down the pen and taking hold of the basket. Her gaze twisted toward me, “Can you take the hamper?”
I nodded. “Easy. You’re in 310, right?”
“That’s it,” she said.
Sean looked at Margaret. “Run along up to your room, I need a moment of Abigail’s time before she leaves.”
Margaret looked hesitantly in my direction, but I gave her my best reassuring smile. She lifted the loaded laundry basket and left the shop. I watched the door close behind her.
Sean walked out from behind the counter, heading toward the back of the shop. “This way, Abi.”
I followed him to the back wall of the shop. He leaned against the wall, casually looking over my naked body. I moved closer until he held a hand up, signaling me to stop. My heart thudded. His eyes roved. He stepped forward, both hands moving toward my naked breasts. His fingertips tickled and then firmly pinched my nipples. He pulled me toward him.
“You’ve been a naughty girl,” he whispered, his sweet breath washing over my face.
I slipped my arms behind him and grasped his muscular shoulders, pulling us together. Our lips brushed, touched, kissed. All the bad things slipped away. His fingers moved from my nipples, threading their way into my hair and caressing my head. The world spun and everything the Rosecliff Institute was supposed to be faded from existence. It was only a moment, but it was a perfect moment.
He pulled his lips away. “I didn’t want to punish you.”
I smiled into his eyes and shrugged. “It’s Rosecliff, we do what we have to do.”
He nodded. “You better go. Someone will get suspicious if you’re in here too long.”
I snuck a final kiss before turning. We walked back to the front of the shop. I collected the hamper and he escorted me to the door. As I walked out, his hand slapped my tender butt, sending ripples of tingles throughout my body. Anyone who saw would call it discipline, I call it love.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Hot!

AL said...

like this episode and I really think I like abigail's character
AL :)

Anonymous said...


A gentleman cannot help taking advantage of a lady under his authority.

Paul said...

maybe Sean isn't so bad after all.
Love and warm hugs,

Vlad said...

Curiouser and curiouser, I wonder what will become of this clandestine romance, and also how Miss Watts will handle teaching skyclad? I'm looking forward to the next episodes.
Also since it is approaching that time of year, is there any chance of finishing and posting the Pickett holiday story you talked about?

Ashley J said...

Anonymous, Glad you enjoyed it.

Al, Abigail is certainly turning out to be interesting.

Anonymous, I wonder if Abigail is not also taking advantage of Sean?

Paul, I didn't think he was a bad guy. He seems at least a little nice.

Vlad, The story definitely has a long way to go and plenty of questions to answer. So far it's been a lot of fun to write and with some of these plot lines, I'm not even sure how they will come out yet. Time will tell. The Pickett family will return at least one more time (I'm finishing up the editing process on the section still, but I haven't settled on a post date yet), I'm not sure about continuing it farther than that right now.