Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 010

Abigail Hastings

“No, Sir,” I said. Sean clearly felt he had to stick with the letter of the rules because of Margaret’s presence. Sometimes I just find it too hard switching between the person I am and the person the Institute expects me to be. Naturally, the trouble comes easier. I unbuttoned my bow tie, folded the strip in thirds and laid it on the counter. A quick glance toward Margaret confirmed her attention was split between the work in front of her nose and me.
Sean removed the clear paddle from the wall, it was shaped similar to a ping-pong paddle, and tapped its flat surface on the edge of the counter. “Hurry up, you’ll be late for dinner as it is.”
There was a time when I would have been blushing up a storm and trembling at just the thought of undressing in front of an audience in a shop. Three years at Rosecliff Institute cured me of that. I stripped out of my jumper and blouse, leaving me in just undergarments and socks and shoes. After folding the jumper and blouse, I removed my bra and then my panties, adding them to the pile. Hands on head, I faced Sean though I couldn’t quite bring myself to look him in the eye.
Sean stepped out from behind the counter, paddle gripped firmly in his right hand. He pointed at my shoes. “Touch your toes.”
I leaned forward, stretched my fingertips out toward the tops of my black shoes. My curly hair flopped off my back and touched the floor. I closed my eyes, preferring not to look at the upside-down world between my legs. The cool touch of the paddle against my right butt cheek sent a shiver down my spine.
Sean swung the paddle. It struck with a loud pop that set to life a buzz of stinging tingles on my right-side buttock. The unevenness between my cheeks was quickly corrected with a second swat smacking the left-side. My entire butt stung, though not badly enough that I felt the urge to comfort it. Unfortunately, the spanking was far from over.
The paddle seemed to be bouncing from side to side, smacking my bottom with a steady, quick pace. Each swat raised the temperature and increased the stinging. It became increasingly difficult to stay in position. The urge to coddle my butt grew stronger and stronger. My body trembled with the effort required to resist my natural instincts. Somewhere near the thirtieth swat the pain overwhelmed me and tears began spilling from eyes. My breathing turned sharp and shallow.
He laid the last ten with extra force. I cried through them. My mouth hung open gasping for air and my entire focus in life became staying in position until the spanking stopped. It seemed an eternity before the last swat fell. When it did, I stayed down, fingertips pressed into the tops of my shoes, hair bouncing on the ground like a shroud around my hands and feet. My butt burned. Three years and dozens of spankings at the Institute, and still they hurt every time.
“Stand up, hands on head,” said Sean.
I followed instructions. Margaret stood at the counter staring. There were unspilled tears pooled in her eyes. Sweet girl, probably blamed herself. She would learn though. We’re all responsible for our own actions.
Sean said, “You two had best get along to the cafeteria.”
“Yes, Sir,” we both replied.
“And Abigail,” he said, “you’ll miss dinner tonight and stand in the corner instead. Understood?”
I sniffled. “Yes, Sir.”


Vlad said...

Now that's a proper spanking. Based on Sean's use of a tablet to determine Abigail's punishment, Rosecliff has an online system for tracking and assigning punishments which sends alerts to faculty and staff. Based on this, Scarlet dodged the bullet, but will be seeing Abigail in the corner shortly. At a guess the rings the girls have to wear include an RFID tag that can be read by tablets and smartphones to determine the wearer's punishment or privilege status and possibly control access as well.

FrSpanko said...

Technology is a good thing, but nothing is better than a hot bottom to improve a girl's behavior!
As Vlad said, it was just a proper spanking.

Anonymous said...

Proper spanking indeed Ash. Touching toes is an excellent position making the young lady feel as if she is all bottom as she onserves her upside down world through her open legs. A world with smiling faces enjoying the spectacle.

AL said...


Good episode
definitely like Abigail and her ability to endure her spanking.
Think Sean is a well written character too
AL :)

Ashley J said...

Vlad, You're catching onto me here, but I might still have some surprises coming for you.

FrSpanko, Well I might argue a hot bottom and a promise for future hot bottoms if the behavior doesn't improve might be the slightest bit more effective, but I can see why one might leave that part out. I mean if behavior improves too much, there won't be any good excuses left to give a hot bottom.

Anonymous, I agree. I've always thought of formal spankings, the ones that really set a tone of discipline, as those in which the recipient adopts the touching toes position. Not that I would know anything about it, but I hear that this position is quite commonly used by institutions that still utilize corporal punishment.

Al, I'm sure Abigail endurance has been improved by her time at Rosecliff. One would imagine this is far from her first spanking. Sean seems like an interesting character to me. I look forward to seeing where he leads me.


Paul said...

a store man he may be, but he certainly knows how to lay it on.
I suppose that Abigail is used to it, but it doesn't get any easier.
Love and warm hugs.

Ashley J said...

Paul, I think one could logically assume the Institute would train all the staff in how to deliver a good spanking, but I haven't quite reached the point of demonstrating it in the story. I'll have to think on that some. And no, I don't think it ever gets any easier weathering a disciplinary spanking, experience or not, people just get better at controlling their reactions.