Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time For An Update, Again

I know nobody noticed, but did you know Summer is not available yet? Well, let’s clarify, Summer has indeed arrived, temps in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s are a sure sign of that here in sunny, southern California. The Summer I’m referring to though is the one I’m writing called The Spanking Days of Summer. Although I might arguably say those have even arrived, but that’s another story for another time. Anyway, Summer, The Spanking Days of Summer, the story, the one you’re all waiting for with baited breath and twinkling eyes of curiosity, that story, isn’t quite ready yet. Should I apologize or just bare my bottom, touch my toes and take my medicine?
While you are considering that loaded question, I’ll plead my case. What do you mean my times up? How could you have decided that quickly? This so unfair! Can you see me stomping my foot and pouting? Is this what you want? Are you happy now? Don’t answer that.
All kidding aside, I haven’t been able to focus on Summer quite the way I intended to and it has fallen behind. I’m still working on it though and while its progress is much slower than I would have liked it is making its way through the various stages of writing. There have been more changes, more rewrites, more characters, and more spanking going into Summer than I originally planned. As far as it goes, that’s a good thing.
What’s really great about The Spanking Days of Summer, is that the story is more than just about a few bottoms, bare, clothed, or otherwise, getting reddened, it’s about people making choices, right or wrong, and dealing with the consequences, and in Summer not all consequences lead to sore backsides.
I’m still incredibly excited about telling this story and bringing it to all of you. Hopefully you can forgive my slow progress and will still enjoy it when I finally come to the conclusion of the process. In the case of stories like Summer, the process of writing the story is more than simply sitting down at the computer and typing away. It requires careful planning to ensure all plot lines are neatly tied up, that characters stay true to themselves and that the setting remains consistent throughout. I had to go to the trouble of drawing a town map if you can believe it. Even after all the planning and all the writing is done, the story still isn’t complete though.
In order to bring you the quality of story you deserve, the pages have to be edited and read and re-read until I am confidant the story is of the highest quality I am capable of producing. I don’t do enough of that with my casual postings on this blog and sometimes when I re-read a story on here I get pretty embarrassed by the mistakes I’ve left behind, but that’s the price of producing large quantities of material in a short time. When it comes to the effort of producing an ebook I want it to be as good and as perfect as I’m capable of producing.
On another note, coming this Friday, July, 23, 2010, I have a rather unusual short story scheduled for your enjoyment. It is, simply put, the oddest story I have written for Imagine the Stories and I am quite certain there will be mixed reactions to it. As a warning, let me say the story is a bit dark and reminds me more of things I wrote in the past than my current efforts. Still, I think the story has redeeming qualities and is in fact an interesting exploration of the question that has yielded so many great science fiction stories; What if?
Until next time, happy reading, happy spanking, and happy Summer.

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