Monday, November 12, 2012

Rosecliff, Episode 035

Abigail Hastings

Being a monitor has ample benefits. Extra study time simply isn’t one of them. I hadn’t missed that part of my responsibilities while I was being punished. It’s a rare day when study period goes without having to address some issue or other with one of my fellow students. If the issue is minor enough and I’m busy enough, my typical manner is to issue a quick warning and get back to studying, but with the recent turn of events, Ms. Chambers standing up for me and Dean Rosecliff making himself clear on the lack of confidence he has in me, I felt I needed to be a little more in accordance with the expectations.
Dana Baker and Gillian Shafer picked this unfortunate time to talk during study period. I forced myself to do the job at hand. The discipline program insisted on 18 swats with the leather paddle. It wasn’t severe, but I still felt like a bitch enforcing it over something so silly. Gillian was a new girl and Dana was her bunkmate, they were probably talking about how things work, or Dana might even have been helping with some of that early etiquette homework that most girls struggle with their first few months.
I stood up, grabbed the paddle from beside my study desk and approached the two, looking as stern as I could muster. “Dana, Gillian, talking is not allowed during study time.”
Dana offered an apologetic smile. “Sorry Miss Abigail. Gillian needed help with her grammar exercises.”
I looked at Gillian. “In the future, you should direct such questions to Mrs. Rosecliff or ask them during free time. Study time is quiet time.” I looked at them both. “Stand up and bend over your desks.”
“Miss Abigail,” objected Dana.
I silenced her before she got us both in too deep. “Don’t make matters worse by fighting a mild spanking, Dana.”
She frowned at me. “Yes, Miss Abigail.”
They both stood and bent over their desks. I flipped up their skirts onto their back, exposing the panties to the entire room. It seemed best to start with Gillian and get it over with so she didn’t have to wait there wondering how awful it was going to be when it was her turn. I delivered the swats sharply, alternating from cheek to cheek as she counted out each swat in a loud clear voice. At least it wasn’t so hard that she cried. I could see some redness shining through her panties after the eighteenth swat, but it wouldn’t last long. By bedtime, she’d be back to normal. Except of course, she was going to be hating me for making an issue out of something so petty. That was OK because I wasn’t liking myself too much for it either.
I moved on to Dana. She yelped and even sniffled as I progressed the spanking at the same steady pace I’d delivered it to Gillian. I knew I wasn’t swatting any harder, but Dana was carrying on like I’d upgraded to Lexan. Her counts lacked the clear voice of Gillian’s and I knew I was in danger of losing my authority over everyone in the room if I allowed her to continue making such a ridiculous fuss. I stopped after delivering ten.
“Dana,” I said, “this overacting is absolutely ridiculous. I’m going to start this spanking over at one and if you don’t stop carrying on like a little baby, I’m going to further punish you for resisting a punishment. Is that understood?”
Dana stopped sniffling. Apparently the thought of a long harsh punishment for resisting, was as unappealing to her as it was to me. “Fine,” she said, “but this is still ridiculous.”
“I agree,” I said. I decided I needed to make a real point to the whole room. I slipped my finger into the waistband of her panties and yanked them down to her knees.
Dana shivered, but wisely kept her mouth shut.
I started the spanking over and turned her pink bottom to a glossy red after eighteen swats. She counted each one, loud and clear. There was no more stomping of feet or crocodile tears. It was done the way it was supposed to be done. I sent her to stand in the corner near the exit for the remainder of the study period with her skirt up and panties down. Gillian, I allowed to continue with her studies. It was clear to me, everyone in the room sensed the change. They got the message, follow the rules or I would follow the rules imposed on Monitors.
It didn’t feel good, but I hoped in changing the tone, the girls would know it best not to test me in the coming days. Maybe we would all get more studying done. I turned to go back to my desk and that’s when I realized we were being watched. Dean Rosecliff, stood in the doorway. Our eyes met and I could still feel his disapproval of me personally, but there was a hint that my actions with Dana and Gillian actually did meet with his approval. Before I could say anything, he turned on heel and left.

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Paul said...

that situation/position is not an enviable one.
You depicted it very well.
Love and warm hugs,