Friday, November 9, 2012

LOL 7 & A Glimpse at Conflict of Interest

Year after year, Bonnie over on My Bottom Smarts, brings us Love Our Lurkers Day. It’s a way of inviting the silent masses who read blogs to join the conversation and share their thoughts, however big or small. I think it’s a really great idea because I know there are a lot people out there who read these blogs on a regular basis, but still feel uncomfortable about leaving a comment. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge. Of course some people have larger fears that just how their favorite blogger or other more established commenters might react. The web can be a scary place, not to mention sticky, creepy and crawly, at times and especially for those who have reason to fear they might be discovered in the real world for their predilections on the web. That’s why I’ve specifically allowed for people to comment anonymously on this blog. There is no need to enter your email address or share personal information about yourself, but you can still join in the conversation and share your likes and dislikes.
So, if you’re a lurker (reader) and would like to leave a comment, good, bad, heck this one special day a year we will even allow ugly comments, just so long as it’s not spam, I’m hoping you’ll take a moment and say something. Say anything. My blog has been specially trained not to bite, unless you’re a spammer. If you’re a spammer, blogger will gobble you up and I’ve got a dozen followers or so that will line up outside your house with paddles, straps and floggers. Oh, my! I am of course not serious, my name is actually Ashley, but I do wish we could track down those spammers. Really, I don’t want to buy fake American products made in China. I don’t care if they are 10% cheaper. I still don’t need them. Oh wait, this post was supposed to be about encouraging lurkers out of the shadows. The tie-in here is, wait I forgot, oh yeah, um, um, oh yeah. If I can’t figure out who the spammers are that constantly send me such wonderful offers for products I neither want or need, then lurkers can rest in safe anonymity leaving comments of substance that they can confidently believe will never, ever, ever, ever get back together -oops- I mean, be traced back to them.
Comment a little. Comment a lot. Say what you think. Say what believe. Just say something and join the conversation. Bloggers everywhere will thank you and appreciate you. Not that we don’t appreciate you in your silence as well. Whatever makes you comfortable, know that we know you are there and we’re glad you’re reading.


In other news, since I’m not actually posting a Rosecliff Episode today, I thought I’d mention a project that is nearing completion and will be available in the near future. It’s called Conflict of Interest and with the exception of Quest Five it is easily the longest spanking story I’ve written. The story is set in the future, the world is heavily controlled by corporations and those corporations have decided to make use of corporal punishment in the managing of their employees. I’d share a summary, but I’m still in the process of revision, the story is completely written, and a few things might be altered before it’s all said and done. Unfortunately, I’m not confident on a release date quite yet, my November is packed with work and I don’t expect to get truly into the revision process until early December. I’ll keep you informed on the progress though and I can promise it will be out either late this year or early next year.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Quest Five and Conflict of Interest sounds interesting as I love cp in the corporate setting.

Will Conflict of Interest be serialized on this blog?

ronnie said...

I always enjoy my visits but really should comment more often.

Happy LOL Day, Ashley.


Anonymous said...

One of my 2 favorite sites I visit everyday

Fondles said...

teehee i lurk a lot over here. i love your stories. and i'm following rosecliff religiously :)

happy LOL day

Hermione said...

Hi Ashley,

Happy LOL 7 day! I'm a regular visitor and an irregular commenter. Does that make me a semi-lurker?


Michael said...

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day, Ashley. I am not a lurker and do comment but not nearly as much as I should. I enjoy your writing greatly and your stories and imagination take your readers on marvelous journeys to squirmy and fun places.

I LOVED Quest Five and look forward to Conflict of Interest with great anticipation. The timing sounds like it may be either a Christmas treat or wonderful warm winter gift to welcome a new year.

Paul said...
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Paul said...

you are not represented nearly enough on my Kindle.
Looking forward to your new work.
Have a great day.
Love and warm hugs,

FrSpanko said...

Happy LOL day!

Conflict of Interest... are you teasing us????


Hope you LOL Day is good for you.


Michael said...

Always enjoy reading your stories. Looking forward to Conflict of Interest :)

MrBBSpanker said...

Hope you had a great LOL Day!

A.S.S. said...

Happy LOL Day!

~Todd and Suzy

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

Happy LOL Day! I'll be back to read more in depth.


Ashley J said...

Anonymous, I think the corporate setting provides a lot of unique opportunities for spanking scenes and I've had a lot of fun working on Conflict of Interest because of that and more. No, I won't be serializing Conflict of Interest on the blog, I'm presently in the process of editing and formatting it for distribution in eBook format.

Ronnie, Nice to hear from you anytime. I know how difficult it can be to comment regularly anywhere. Sometimes I have trouble just keeping up with replying to the comments here.

Anonymous, Thank you and I hope I continue to rate so well.

Fondles, Thanks for de-lurking. I appreciate the support.

Hermione, I think I could say the same about myself on your blog. Semi-lurker sounds good to me.

Michael, I appreciate the comments that come when they come. I know my own commenting is very sporadic around the blogs I visit and certainly can't fault anyone for being just like me. Yes, that's my goal in the timing, I was originally hoping for a Halloween release on it, not that it has any spooky or Halloween-ish elements, but unfortunately it just took a little longer to finish than I hoped.

Paul, I'll have to work on that. Thanks as always for your supportive comments.

FrSpanko, Not teasing, I've been working on it in almost complete secrecy, because I didn't want to say a word until I was certain it was getting done. And now it just needs those finishing touches.

SpankedHortic II, Thank you for stopping by. It appears it was a great day.

Michael, Thanks. I'll do my best to make the wait as short as possible for Conflict of Interest.

MrBBSpanker, Thanks for becoming a follower. I hope you enjoy the stories. It does seem like it was a great day.

A.S.S. Thanks.

Chelsea, Thanks. I hope you enjoy the stories.


ps. Sorry for the long delay in replying. November is turning into a marathon month for me and I'm not making it over here as often as I'd like. Next week should be better, having a little bit of break with Thanksgiving, I hope.

blisteredraw said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog. I love the Rosecliff stories. I am ashamed to admit that. while a big fan, am one of the countless "Lurkers" om yours and many other terrific sites.

Please accept my belated thanks and happy LOL day!
THanks again for your stories and the time that you put into them. WHile we wayward Lurkers may not always express it as we should, it really is greatly apppreciated. THanks!