Monday, July 4, 2011

Reviewing The Russell Corner

The Russell Corner written by DJ Black stands out as a singular, expansive exploration into the world of discipline based relationships. The story primarily follows the inner workings of two families; The Russell’s and the Raven’s.
At the head of the Russell family is Richard Russell. He owns and operates a private business where her sometimes disciplines two of his three daughters. During these sessions, his secretary indulges in voyeurism and fantasizes about being one of her bosses loved and punished daughters. In the Russell home, Richard’s wife Janet disciplines the third and youngest daughter and Richard reserves the right to discipline any of the ladies of his relation, including his younger sister, Rosalind.
DJ Black indulges his readers’ curiosity in Richard Russell’s family with a variety of story lines featuring trouble for each of the women in Richard’s life. Past events give insight into each character’s personality and motivations in the present. In essence, key events reveal each woman’s unique journey in search of happiness and love. The common ingredient appears to be a strong desire from all to please and submit themselves to the will of Richard Russell.
The Raven family is headed by Catherine, a strong-willed widow. As with the Russell family, discipline, humiliation and submission rule the Raven household. However, more unique to the Raven family is carry over of the disciplinary process into the family business. Catherine surrounds herself with young, attractive, and immature young women who by their very nature give her ample excuses to punish them in the most imaginative ways.
Much of the Raven story focuses on the home and work relationship between Catherine and her adult step-daughter Eleanor which is fraught with confused emotions. Just as in the Russell family, there are a variety of side stories featuring everyone from the Raven’s housemaids to the personal driver, a college aged daughter and various employees at the family business. Each story reveals the powerful draw of Catherine and the undeniable needs of those who surround her to feel loved, protected, and safe. These needs are echoed in Catherine though she conceals them with a harsh exterior and stubborn application of severe punishment and humiliation to those who fail her even in the slightest of manners.
The two families’ stories crisscross throughout, building to an inevitable collision.  For those who enjoy DJ Black’s multi-faceted approach to storytelling, there will be no disappointments in The Russell Corner. Here he has painstakingly crafted a grandiose tale incorporating many of the staples bound to the imaginations of spanking aficionados; From the wayward daughter and schoolgirl to the secretary, to the maid, and beyond. Fans of DJ Black’s Voice in the Corner will undoubtedly love and cherish The Russell Corner as a pinnacle achievement from their favorite author.


Paul said...

Ash, a very imaginative and sweeping review.
Hopefully DJ's sales will soar.
Love and warm hugs.

Ashley J said...

Paul, I share your wish. Hopefully, DJ will reap some benefit from the added exposure.


DJB said...

Thanks for the great review Ashley, ;)

I have had a few people commenting to me about it.