Monday, November 8, 2010

Punishment Chores

Outside of the kitchen oven, not many things clean themselves. Hence, chores were born and while almost no one enjoys doing chores, they are a necessity of life. Of course chores can be much more than simply cleaning, but in general they are tasks that must be done and yet are no fun to do. Naturally, this situation lends itself to the disciplinarian as a way to accomplish two goals at once.
Chores, as punishment, might be directly related to the recipient’s misdemeanor. Traipsing mud across a floor might result in the recipient scrubbing the floor clean. However, to differentiate the discipline from the responsibility of cleaning up after one’s self, the task might be required to be done with a small brush or sponge rather than a mop. This is the typical fashion for using chores as punishment; Making the recipient complete the chore in a manner that requires harder work and more time than it could otherwise be done. In this way, the recipient can link the chore to their poor behavior and like with corner time, give it some in depth thought. There is nothing quite like monotonous labor to induce deep thoughts.
Sometimes chores are used for less direct reasons. The recipient might have been wasting time, acting sullen, or behaving irresponsibly. In such instances chores can be useful in restoring a balanced routine as well as a positive attitude. Being forced to do monotonous labor in an inefficient manner cannot help but instruct the recipient in better uses of their time. Imagine using a toothbrush to clean kitchen floor while a mop rests against a nearby wall. Now, to take it even further imagine a time limit has been established for the chore. The frustration, the taunting of a nearby mop, the ticking of the clock, all have a way of encouraging a positive change.
Additionally, the very essence of chores provides discipline for both the body and mind of the recipient. The laborious tasks assigned as chores often require mental focus and physical prowess in order to accomplish the task to expectations. Most disciplinarians will set exacting standards for the quality of the work and the time allotted for completion. Failure to meet those standards can be dealt with in a variety ways from starting the chore over to adding new chores, or even adding other disciplinary measures such as spanking.
Used alone, punishment chores are an effective force for positive change. In some instances though, disciplinarians may feel additional measures are necessary. Fortunately for them, punishment chores can be enhanced easily with other punishments such as spanking or corner time. Most commonly however, punishment chores will be used in coordination with some form of grounding. Disciplinarians favor this option because it places the recipient in the position of having their activities not only restricted, but controlled and scheduled.
Chores are clearly a flexible and easily used discipline. By their very nature, chores teach patience, dedication, responsibility, and respect while offering no, or at least very limited risk, to the recipient. Clearly chores are a punishment well suited to correct a wide variety of disciplinary issues and can easily be added to or used in replacement of, any number of disciplinary measures. And it goes without saying there are always plenty of chores needing to be done in every household.


♠ace of spades said...

Relevant image

AL said...


Good story...excellent photo too.
Punishment chores can come in handy,I think that they can work best as a once and a while thing,or as for something that might be directly related to what they have done. I probably would stick to other forms of discipline most of the time...sure you can guess. LOL

hedgehog said...

Another fine post, continuing your mini-series on disciplinary methods and their use, for which many thanks, Ash.

As you so rightly say, there are always chores that need doing and they can present a perfect opportunity for disciplinary reinforcement or punishment for any number of infractions.

In addition to the measures you outlined in this post, there is also the possibility of making the chores more difficult by the use of restraints, which limit the reach of a submissive in her work; if the job can be accomplished with only cold water, so much the better, especially if the errant submissive is only partially dressed, the humiliation of the possibility of her showing her treasures to anyone passing by adding yet another layer of discomfort to an already onerous task.

One method I have heard of, but have always been too soft-hearted to use, is to set the task to coincide with the submissive's favourite TV programme, and to make certain she hears the opening music - and no more.

I have to say that, lenient to a fault, I would feel obliged to record the program so that she might see it later - after all her chores were finished and she had spent the necessary time in the corner, of course!

A great post, Ash, and I look forward to more of them.

Paul said...

Ash, not a discipline I've used a lot.
I well remember from my days as a Rookie in the army, this was regularly heard threatened by drill instructors, Sargent's and the like, "lift your boots up, or what ever, or I'll make you scrub the Parade ground with a tooth brush."
Never seen anyone doing it though. :)
Love and warm hugs,

Ashley J said...

Ace, Thanks for the link, I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Al, I suppose it's not all that surprising that the spankos in us would prefer something a little more exciting than chores. LOL

Hedgehog, Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I had the feeling while writing this one that there were so many permutations I could write thousands of words and still not cover them all.

Paul, That does seem the stereotypical punishment chores as we've all seen on TV. I'm not at all surprised it is somewhat based on reality. I guess this is yet another way punishment chores can be used; As a threat undesirable enough so as to be avoided at all costs.


Anonymous said...

This would be most efective with a bare marked bottom on display. The longer the better.