Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Pickett Family Holiday, Part 06

Via an upside down view through her parted legs, Stephanie watched her father take the strap off its hook on the wall behind her. He held it in his hands and stared at the dark leather with a frown. Stephanie caught a glint in his eye from the side and it pained her much in the same way the leather would soon pain her naked butt. The disappointment he felt burned into her shuddering chest. She closed her eyes.
Stood against the door frame, Todd asked, “What did she do this time?”
Dad turned his body to squarely face Stephanie’s bent form. “Would you like to explain why you’re getting a spanking?”
Stephanie glared through her legs at her father. Her face shined red from the embarrassment spinning around in her head. She knew the question was not actually a question at all, but rather an order for her to explain her position to Todd. Part of her knew the answer her father expected and yet the rest of her raged against it because the reason remained unreasonable in her mind.
Dad’s foot tapped on the creaky floorboard. He expected an answer and quickly. The strap bounced off his pant leg as if a warning of his intentions should she remain quiet much longer. Todd, for his part, waited in patient silence undoubtedly wondering which of the two Pickett family members was the more stubborn.
“I,” Stephanie said, her voice strained with the effort of speaking upside down, “dropped my bath towel on my bedroom floor while I got dressed this morning.”
Todd laughed.
Stephanie twisted her head to glare in his direction though all she could see of him was his lower half.
“Wow,” Todd said. He shook his head looking down at Stephanie. “You must really miss these little sessions out here in the shed while you’re away.”
Dad nodded agreement. “I’ve been thinking the very same thing.”
Todd kept his focus on Stephanie. “Are you behaving so badly out in California that the first thing you do when you get home is figure out the fastest way to get your butt tanned to appease the guilt?”
“It was a stupid mistake,” Stephanie said. She wasn’t sure if she was talking about the towel or the reason she knew she really did deserve to be butt up in the shed. The embarrassment coloring her cheeks began to mix with the red heat of anger. Most of it was beaming out of her eyes in Todd’s direction. It wasn’t fair, he had done nothing wrong, but blame can often be more about presence than culpability and Todd was present.
Dad said, “That much we can agree on.” The strap dangled beside his leg as he stepped into position and turned his back to Todd. He raised the limp leather into the air with a clear path leading downward and forward to Stephanie’s naked buttocks.
Her eyes locked on the strap while her father hesitated, most likely taking careful aim. A breeze outside the shed rustled the leaves on the lawn. She felt the skin on her legs and buttocks turn tight and dry in anticipation. Her lungs filled with air and she gripped the wood frame of the horse turning her knuckles white. She wished to close her eyes, but like passenger heading into a head-on collision her eyes opened wider.
Dad swung.
The unmistakable clap of leather impacting flesh echoed inside the shed, resonating in the wood flooring and the sawhorse. Stephanie blinked. The center of her butt exploded with a fierce sting and a simmering burn. Her legs pressed against the frame defying the instinct to kick wildly behind her. The strap returned to the height where she could easily keep her eyes focused on it.
He swung the strap again.
Stephanie’s head jerked upward an instant after the impact. Her wide eyes stared straight down at the floorboards while tears sprouted. The sting emanating from her butt grew stronger. Her hips pushed against the sawhorse. She kicked the air with her right leg. The burn grew warmer. Breath gushed from her lungs and she slipped tensely back into the proper position over the sawhorse. The strap dangled within her view once more.
Todd watched Stephanie squirming with a smile on his face. “I’m glad to see you getting your kicks while you’re home.”
Dad swung the strap.
Stephanie kicked both legs into the air. “Ow!”
Todd chuckled.
The sawhorse scraped against the wood planks of the floor as it slid an inch forward under her bucking. She gasped for breath. Tears spilled from the whites of her eyes running up the sides of her face into her hair. She clenched her hands into fists and closed her eyes while her body shuddered through the increasing sting and burn resulting from the strap’s repeated kisses. Just as she opened her eyes the strap connected again.
“Oh!” she cried.
Dad paused with the strap in the air, waiting for her wriggling body to fall still once more. “Are you going to break any more rules while you’re home?” he asked.
Stephanie remained quiet and focused on the pain throbbing outward from her naked posterior until she realized her father was actually expecting a response. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember the question so she went with the safest response she knew. “Yes, sir.”
The strap sailed through the air, striking her buttocks with even greater intensity than before. She bucked against the sawhorse and kicked into the air with everything she had. More tears dripped up her face and into her hairline. Had it been possible, she might well have launched herself off the sawhorse and gone running for the nearest lake to cool her bottom.
Todd laughed. “Nicole is always saying how smart you are, I just didn’t realize she meant smart-mouthed.”
Dad nodded. “That she is, but I’ve found the cure though it’s often only temporary.”
“A smarting ass?” Todd asked.
Dad nodded. “Works every time.”
Stephanie’s cheeks blazed red listening to them talking about her. Her thoughts spun in a confused circle trying to understand how she’d gone wrong by agreeing with her father. What had he said? What had she agreed to? The only obvious answer was that she had agreed to the need for her sore bottom to be sorer.
The strap sliced through the air three times in such quick succession Stephanie could do little more than puff out air and tears between their respective impacts. She kicked her legs against the sawhorse’s legs and wiggled her butt in the air. The stinging and burning sensations refused to diminish. The muscles in her neck and shoulders went limp leaving her head to hang downward with her hair bouncing off the floor in tune with the crying that was wracking her body against the sawhorse.
“Still feel like breaking rules?” Dad asked.
Stephanie shook her head from side despite knowing her father couldn’t see her head. “No, sir,” she said and sniffled.
Todd said, “I imagine she feels like a silly little girl right now.”
Stephanie could think of no response to Todd’s statement that would be of any benefit. She focused instead on calming the flow of tears from her eyes and breathing through the intense discomfort the strap had caused her bottom. The strap remained just within in her sight and firmly gripped in her father’s hand. She doubted she had felt the last of its touch.
“Whose fault is it that you are getting spanked on your first day back home?” Dad asked.
Mom’s, Stephanie thought, but when she found the air to answer, she said, “Mine.”
Dad nodded and swung the strap with high velocity another three times in quick succession followed by a fourth that caught the lower curvature of her buttocks as she kicked both legs into the air. The sawhorse screeched forward again, scraping on the floor. He took a half step to his left to keep his distance constant from Stephanie’s blazing rear.
“Ow, ow, ow, OW!” she screamed in response to the flurry of spanks. Her chest heaved up and down as new sobs racked her body and the fiery sting of the strap shook her from head to toe. As her head relaxed back down, she looked up through her spread, trembling legs to see the dangling strap taunting her. The spanking wasn’t over.
Todd said, “I’m sure she’s ready to behave herself and do everything she’s told for the rest of the day.”
“Is Todd right?” Dad asked. “Are you going to be a model daughter for the remainder of the day?”
Stephanie let go of the sawhorse leg and wiped her face free of the affects of heavy crying long enough to give an answer. “Yes, sir.”
“Good.” Dad nodded. “Let’s just make sure that attitude sticks for the entire long weekend.”
He swung the strap and she kicked her legs high in the air.
“Stop making such a fuss,” Dad said. “You’ve got fifteen more coming, but every time your feet leave the floor, I’m going to add two more. Understood?”
Stephanie blinked at the floor as tears rolled out of her eyes. “But it hurts,” she said.
Todd laughed. “Your butt is supposed to hurt. It’s called a spanking.”
“Am I understood?” Dad asked, his tone clearly conveying his dislike for having to repeat himself.
“Yes, sir,” Stephanie said. She squeezed her legs tight against the wood legs of the sawhorse and took a tighter grip with her hands as well. Her eyelids clenched shut and she took in a deep breath.  “Just make them quick, please,” she said.
He responded with three quick strikes against her buttocks.
Her butt bounced and grew redder by the strike, but her legs stayed down. “Ow, ow, ow!” she cried.
Todd said, “That was one, right?”
Stephanie’s eyes flew open wide. “Three,” she said as loud as she was able while still breathing heavily, “it was three, three, three.”
Todd laughed.
Dad said, “You had better stop yelling and show some respect before I decide it was just one.”
Stephanie fumed at the upside down world. Her butt burned, her cheeks burned from embarrassment and anger and all she wanted was for the entire event to be over and done. Teasing came with the territory of getting spanked, it was nothing new, but normally it didn’t start until the spanking was already finished.
“I’m sorry,” she said.
Dad nodded. “Better.”
Todd smiled and chuckled. “I guess it can be three then.”
Stephanie bit her tongue rather telling Todd where he could go and what he could do when he got there. The strap connected with her bottom another three times sending flames of near-electric sting throughout her body. She focused on keeping her toes on the ground and breathing, letting the tears flow freely from her eyes. Just as her body stopped shaking through the discomfort, her father laid on another three starting the process all over again, but still she kept her toes on the floorboards.
“Maybe you can follow instructions,” Dad said.
Todd chuckled. “It looks like you’ve gotten to the bottom of the problem.”
Stephanie shuddered as a goosebumps chill of shame shot through her body. The realization of how exposed she was to their eyes came as nothing new, but the embarrassing way they spoke about it as if she couldn’t even hear them made it all the worse. Her cheeks flushed hot with blood, her buttocks went taunt with shame, and her nipples hardened with the chill of exposure. She wished her father would simply get the spanking over with and yet she was not brave enough to ask for it.
Dad swung the strap fast for a full flurry of the final six. The noise of the contact echoed off the walls of the shed drowning out Stephanie’s cries until they faded into silence. Her legs stayed in place, her toes remained in contact with the wood floor and the sawhorse sat still and stable under her weight. She wanted nothing less than to jump to her feet, grab her burning butt and hop around in a circle, but she knew she had already pushed things too far with her father. Risking him adding a few more because she didn’t wait to be told it was over simply wasn’t worth the risk.
Dad said, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”
“Very instructive,” Todd said, “but perhaps I could try swinging the strap myself and you could give me some pointers on technique.”
Stephanie tried not to panic at the thought of Todd giving her a strapping on top of the one she had just received from her father. It was all a tease. It had to be. Her father wouldn’t let Todd punish her. That wouldn’t be fair. And besides, she’d learned her lesson and taken her punishment. It would probably be safest to assert the fact, she decided. “Yes, sir,” she said, “I learned my lesson.”
“Stand up,” Dad said.
She eased herself up, using her hands to push her torso upward until her feet were full on the ground and she could easily balance herself upright. Her hands flew instantly to her burning butt, cupping the hot globes in the palms of her hands. It was instinct more than helpful and if she’d thought about it, she might have better placed her hands to preserve some semblance of modesty in front of Todd. He remained to her left side, but there was little to interfere with his full view of her profile including a red buttock and naked breast.
“Now,” Dad said, “I’ve got some chores for you to do and if you do a good job and behave yourself while doing them, I might just let you get dressed again in time for dinner.”


fatherjim said...


In one sitting I've read everything on this site! Your work is incredible! I have long ago downloaded your free stories, but lost them in my last computer crash.

I LOVE Jade Runner and the Picket Family. These are too good for words other than THANK YOU for sharing them with us.

I will be buying your other works soon as the wallet allows!

Thanks, again!


Vlad said...

That was brilliant, you captured all of the little details and big embarrassments. The tears running up into Stephanie's hairline were a perfect touch, the sort of thing only actual experience or a lot of thought could come up with. Please keep up the accelerated posting if you have the parts ready so we can find out what happens.

Ashley J said...

Jim, I'm pleased you've enjoyed my work. There is more to come for both The Jade Runner and The Pickett Family and most likely some new stories after they are all done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Vlad, This was indeed one of the more detailed and drawn out spanking scenes I've written in quite awhile. I will neither confirm nor deny whether I've actually had tears running into my hairline while being bent over a piece of furniture and spanked. I'll keep them coming as they get finished although for the moment it's looking like two or three days between posts until I can get myself back up to my normal speed.


Paul said...

Ash, a beautifully descriptive piece of writing.
As long as it's fiction it is fine, real would be another matter.
I'm sorry to hear that you have been ill, I hope that you are fully recovered now.
Love and warm hugs,

Ashley J said...

Paul, Thanks. I promise the story is all fiction. I am feeling the best I have in months, but still have a little way to go before I'm going to be back at 100%. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about school again until the end of January and I can spend the next several weeks resting and catching up on things like my blogging.


wallace2williams said...


Great chapter! Again, excellent detail and insight into your characters' heads. I love how Stephanie knows she deserves this spanking but the reason she is getting it is different from the reason for which she knows she deserves it. Also the implication that she accepts her parents' discipline for acts not committed within the family structure.

On pins and needles to see which Pickett women will get spanked next and which guys will be present when the correction is handed out.

You are really inspiring me as a writer. Fiction is not my genre and for my own spanking stories, you are helping me add detail and psychological insight.

Ashley J said...

Bill, I'm sorry it took so long to reply to you. I've been away from the blog this past week, life intervenes and all that, but I'm hoping to get a few more parts of the story done soon.

It's great to hear you're getting ideas for your own stories. In my opinion, the details surrounding characters' thoughts and emotions are among some of the most important aspects in creating a fictional story that connects with readers. Obviously the hardest part is putting yourself in the character's fictional shoes and coming up with true to life reactions, but of course it's easier if you have real life experiences to draw upon.


wallace2williams said...

Thanks so much for the reply. I've been writing these stories for years, my only venture into fiction. Up to now I've been concentrating on dialogue and description. The thoughts of the characters are a new thing for me. Your stories do this better than any I have read. I'm still reading the older ones.

Thank you for your wonderful work. If you are still willing to look at a couple in January, I will try to send you my best work.


Ashley J said...

Bill, Thanks. Dialog and description are important aspects too, but I find when I understand my characters thoughts and emotions the dialog and descriptive pieces come easier. Sometimes, the characters even start to tell me what they will and will not say, in my head of course and purely imagined.

I should have some time in January to look over anything you'd like to share.